Jumaat, 5 Mac 2010

What did I buy?

I mentioned previously that I was contemplating on getting myself a new stuff (that I’ve already own). Either I should treat myself with PEN-EPL1, 20U63A or N97.

I am indeed drooled to own a compact DSLR camera because it is not bulky like normal DSLR. I do have the Nikon P50 which is sort of mini semi-DSLR (focusing object can be done manually but obviously the lens is intact). However, when thinking that I need to spend time to learn on how to use the camera (in order to get good picha), I passed. Being me, I like something simple, and even with the auto focused Nikon P50, I habitually missed to capture the zing moment, lagilah kalo having a camera yang kena focus dan focus, habisla semua senyuman jadi tawar.. hehehe..

I don’t know but this gadget really giving me a Goosebumps. I’ve already have the 7444 Precision but I still can get my eye off to an artisan machine. They have something that makes my mouth watery and tidur malam tak lena (have to wake-up to pee), makan tak pernah kenyang (sebab tu kena makan banyak kali) and mandi each and every hour (because of the El-Nino effect). But when I went to Singer to inquire about the machine, the seller said that the functioning was not up to the standard (of an artisan machine) and the price was a bit over-value because of the brand. So, I passed.


No need for introduction but I kinda like the limited edition mini N97. Cool gadget for a tech-person, which obviously I am not one. The only reason I wanted to have this is because it’s cute. I don’t tweet, I do have an FB- being there every morning, peeking on what people are up to, but never have the intention to update my own status. I guess I do not like the idea telling everybody what I am doing at the moment. The only I like about internet is blogging, tu pon syok sendiri ngan blog sendiri as I seldom bloghop as well. Hahaha.. So, I passed. Having to own the current hp is enough.

So, what did I get for myself?

Something that been haunted me night and day.. heheheh.. (with much cheaper price from my estimation budget). Now, hati sudah tenang.. ekekeke.. :-)


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