Ahad, 25 April 2010

Lets wear your baby, everyone..

When Zahra was small, she loves to be carried around, especially after spending 8 hours in the careday centre, when got home, she became very clinging. I was very lucky then to stumble upon the Malaysian Babywearers’ forum and got to know that there’s a gear just to carry/wearing your baby. These gears can be a pouch, ringslings, mei-tai, structured soft carrier (ssc) or a long simple piece of cloth known as a wrap.

These are few of my pictures wearing Zahra in different kind of carriers:
1. Pouch

2. Ringslings

3. SSC

4. Wraps

And I even made my own pouch.

As you can see, my gears vary from pouchs, ringslings, SSC and wraps; however, I never own a mei-tai. Thus for this coming newborn, I’ve plan to sew a mei-tai. And since meitai consists lots of fabrics (in order to make the straps), I changed my plan by sewing an Onbuhimo instead.

So, what is an Onbu? It is exactly like a meitai, but the straps around the waist were replaced by rings.

This is what I’ve sewed:

Basically, the measurements are:
Straps: 6” wide, 65” long with half padded
Body panel: 15” x 17”, padded with flannel fabric
Waist band: 24” long, 5” wide with full padded
Rings used was Large size

If you wish to make your own Onbuhimo you can refer to the tutorial below:

And yes, sewing this Onbu is not that easy; no wonder they’re quite pricey in the market (either local or international). I like my outcome very much and can’t wait to try it with my new baby, insya Allah.

Ok, that’s all.. Happy weekend, people….:-)


7 ulasan:

  1. Wah...you r one hardcore bbywearing mummy. Ada almost all bbywearing gear. I so..envy you. I ada RS dgn mei tai..(tu pun w buckles) je. Tak tahu bila lg bleh add to my stash.

    OMG..your Onbu is so..lovely. Macam berkenan la plak hehe..

    Btw, when are u due?

  2. Wah, Onbu! Never heard of that one before..
    Anyway cam tahu je kain aper tu.. hehe.
    tapi paper pun, mmg comey!!

  3. Aza, once u join d forum.. abis semua nyer nak. previously me quite active jugak, but now, i am avoiding it. too much of carriers, but balik2 sambar ergo jugak.. ekekek..

    the baby suppose to pop-out on the 6 june, but i think he'll come out earlier (hopefully) sbb i dah tak larat dah ni.. huhuhu...
    Hana, yup kain pario linen myanmar tu.. sepuloh kali pk masa nak memotongnya.. takut tak jadik.. ekekek

  4. Lawala. Tak nak jual ke?
    Kat M'sia tak ada orang jual lagi. Farid & Jess je kot penah jahit (setahu Aishah la)

  5. Good job!! well done.. love the out come.. and cute too.. ^_^

  6. Aisyah, kalo orang nak upah bole la.. but nak jual, i am so sucky on choosing fabrics.. takut kita dah elok buat but people tak berkenan.. hehehe..
    Cath, thank you 4 d compliment :)