Jumaat, 2 April 2010

The Beautiful Blogger Award

1. Thank and link the person that give the award.
Thanks to mis, lynn and syigim for the award. I felt honored :-)

2. Pass this award to 15 other bloggers that you've recently discovered and think are fantastic:
I've noticed that most of the bloggers that are actively blog in craftzone-malaysia has gotten this award. So, I skip this step. Hehehe..

3. State 7 things about yourself:
i. I am now in my 30+ weeks of my forth pregnancy, for second baby. Yup, I had two miscarriage before, which one due to molar pregnancy and another one due to natural missed-miscarriage. My molar was persistent, which I have to go for six course of chemotherapy. The Doctor suggested me not to get pregnant for at least for two years, but I am so stubborn. Hehehe..

ii. I don't really know when I started to like sewing, but I remembered when I was young I like to mend my own baju, and my mom loves to ask me to 'jahit sembat' the baju kurung that she sewed. I'm kinda 'tomboy' when I was young, thus everybody who knows me in primary and secondary school was quite surprise to see that I have a sewing blog. Hahaha..

iii. I love study language, be it Malay or English. I wanted to become a writer, or a journalist: 3 of my cerpens appeared in the local magazine. Despite of that, I end up becoming a microbiologist as my dad said that being a writer doesn't bring food on the table. But now, I am thinking to take an early optional pension and becomes fulltime mother. Hahaha..

iii. I considered myself as an unfussy person however I hate seeing my house in messy condition. I'll vacuum my studio each and every time I'd finish sewing/cutting fabrics. I like everything to be in order, thus I don't cook something frying like fried fish or fried chicken as I don't like seeing the oils being spread all over the kitchen. But now, I don't cook, as I hate to see the aftermath. Me, a meticulous or what? Hehehe..

iv. I don't like traveling / going outstation for holiday. I get homesick easily.

v. I used to dislike children. But after having my own kid, I fall in love with them instantaneously and now planning to have at least 5 children of my own. InsyaAllah.

vi. I came from all girls sibling and went to all girls school, so I am quite awkward with boys. At first I thought I'm going to stay single for the rest of mylife but Alhamdullillah, I met Mat, fall in love with him and we got married.

vii. I love mylife. I am content and bless. Alhamdullillah.

Fuh, I really need more than a day to do this tagging thingies. 7 is a huge numbers. Ok, thats all.

Oh, I like to tag (I really want to kepochi about you actually.. heheh):
Mai Okinokiyo (buat kat blog u pon x pe)
Niah Anggunflora
Sue, my Botang (wonder my botang stand for what?)

OK, have a nice weekend guys. Well, I am still stuck here in the hospital. Huhuh..


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  1. salam,

    sama-sama kasih..hehe!

    5 anak-anak-anak-anak-anak?????
    WOW!! go..go..chaiyok!!

  2. akak..saya kena tag juge ke..huhuhu