Isnin, 12 April 2010

Mini zipper pouch

Hello readers. :-)

Missing me? Heheheh.. I am still here, still walking around with the extended belly. Nope, the baby haven’t pop out, yet. The long hiatus was due to nothing new in the studio. I just finished sewing few baju kurung(s), the long overdue baju kurung(s). Nope, not going to upload any pictures on that, as I don’t even have the mood to snap the pitcha.

I bought a new handphone. Oh, I am very sorry for being ‘showing-off’, but can’t help it. This is the first time I bought an expensive phone (well, at least for me) and now am very excited playing with the new gadget. Since the new phone is a bit bulky, and I cannot put it in my purse like the previous phone, thus I sewed a mini pouch to place the new hp together with the purse.

Not that neat as I’ve stayed awake the whole night to sew it. Maybe need to mend a little bit on here and that so it looks more presentable.

And, another showing-off statement, I bought a new camera. Something like a dlsr but not a truly dslr. Well, I guess I’ve been hit with the craving bug- craved for weird-techno stuff. Hehehe..

Ok people, that’s all. Have a nice day ahead :-)


4 ulasan:

  1. wow neeza, nice gadget there! cantik gambarnya pun very nice!

  2. wow..lots of newly bought items! bestnyerr.. *jealous*

  3. nak lumix gakkkkk sbb kamera nikon ni sudah nak kene ketukk jek rasanya hahahha