Khamis, 27 Mei 2010

We've been featured


OK, I am a little bit excited. :))))

Well, however, it is nothing related with sewing. It is just something that I like - babywearing - ERGObaby carrier, and my daughter and I has been chosen as their profile picture in their facebook fanpage. I felt honored, seriously.. Hehehe.

So, that's me (being fatso) and my Zahra.

It is such a funny photo shoot as we just used the tripod to capture our picture and its hot where sweats are running all over my face and she is indeed quite heavy.

The whole picture can be viewed from this link.

Do drop by their FB page and become their fan. They're just one cool babywearing gear.



2 ulasan:

  1. hahaha tadi aku bukak ergobaby tu kat FB..

    "eh mcm neeza"
    "eh bukanlah.."


    sekarang baru tau tu neeza.. hahaha montelnyer kekekee... jgn marah.. nanti pantang kurus balik! ekeke

  2. Ena, aku la sapa lagi.. heheheh.. harap kembang-kembang air tu semua bertukar menjadi susu nnt.. ekekeke.. :-)