Ahad, 9 Januari 2011

Pick of the week #1

Kurung moden I sewn for my customer.

Fabric from customer. Pattern design as requested by the customer too.

I like it. And I hope she'll like it as well.

*I just renewed my domain name, and figured that I should updating this blog as frequent as I can. Thus, 'pick of the week' will be one of my initiative to make a weekly post (at least). It will be featuring item(s) that I sewn either for me (and my family) or simply for the customers.



4 ulasan:

  1. i love the idea on post of the week ;) i thought of that too recently, to make weekly post about my sewing project outcome. but i'm not consistent enough to sew every week. pfttt. great job kak neeza, good luck!

  2. my idea of pick of the week, is apa-apa yang akak jahit yang akak rasa nak up kat blog ni. buat jela ween, x semestinya jahitan minggu itu. jahitan sebelum2 pon tak pe. so that blog ber-update skit la.. hehehe

  3. neeza.. kainnyer tuh mmg dah ada sulam or u ambil kain kat baju and put it on yer?

    emm I love posting anything on my blog.. tak semestinya crafty things... but cannot compare to yours, mine just suka suki jer..

  4. Mila, Kain tu mmg dah bersulam jugak. cuma sulamnya separuh je, tak scattered mcm baju nya.

    Eh, blog awak pon menarikla. Hasil kerja awak pon suka saya tgk.. serius :))