Khamis, 3 Mac 2011

Temporary shifted

..the work station, and us.

Its been a while hubby's based of operation has been locomoted to other places, for momentary, due to the project his been working on. At first, I was okay not to follow, just staying home with kiddos but unfortunate things happen and its hard when I don't have transport to mobile and any relative to depend on. Thus, for safety purposes, for the time being, I will be staying in KT here with my in laws.

Worry not, for those who's already sent me their fabrics, I brought them all along to accompany me to avoid meself from being death due to boredom. InsyaAllah, will try to finish them as promised.

My new temp studio:

And dear FIL, bear with the mess I am creating ya.. hehehe..


4 ulasan:

  1. yosh! selamat maju jaya!! hehe..menjahit di mana saja :D

  2. Lynn, itu yg untungnya arwah MiL tukang jahit. Ada mesin jahit 'power' kat kampung ni.. heheheh :)

    (rumah mak kat ipoh pon ada gak mesin jahit, tapi kelepak-kelepak la kaki mengayuh.. ekekeke)

  3. where in KT are you based?my inlaws used to be in jalan banggol, right smack in town and sekarang ni dekat durian burung,near mydin.

    i wonder if you know any small kedai2 kain kat KT yang bole pegi borong dengan murah hehe =)

  4. Hai ele, sy kat wakaf tembesu, blkg taman salwa.. kat batu6 mmg bnyk sgt sewing supplies stores and mmg harga diorg murah2, even sabasun and mydin pun cukup murah.. sy suka!!!