Isnin, 4 April 2011

Rad remnants part2

Ok, some of the remnants are no longer a remnant. They have been transferred to become these beauties :

Ruffles-neck dress for Zahra:

Tops for my niece:

And a knee length abaya / coverall (I personally don’t think it’s suitable to call an abaya because it’s quite see-through as its made by chiffon fabby):

The 'designer' wearing the coverall tops:

Happy Monday everyone :)


3 ulasan:

  1. the ruffle neck for zahra is sooo cute.. suka dengan corak fabby, kind of giving me idea in making of a dress for Izzah hahaa.

  2. salam kenal

    nak add your blog kat my bloglist yea...

    br berjinak2 nak belajar menjahit nih..:)

  3. Mila, its very easy to do. Try it :)
    Ana, salam kenal. :)