Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello, Hai..

I've been in hiatus mode for the past two weeks. So many (interesting) things had happen, but I've been struck by sudden blogging mojo lost, so I just let the day past without recorded it here. However lets recap on what had happen, and I'm going to make it simple and fast as I had other vital things to do:

#1. Hamza turns 10months last 6th April and I can say that he's walking (most of the time: 70% walking and 30% crawling). I've recorded this footage of him walking a week before he reach 10th.

#2. Zahra turns four last 9th April. She woke up on her birthday day and it was heavily raining and the last thing I realized she's already at the lawn playing in the rain.

Later, we went to the town and not only Zahra and Hamza, me too had my first experienced riding in a trishaw.

#3. I've been featured in the Harian Metro last Friday for Personality segment, oh YES I did. And its on the whole one (two actually) big page.. Hahahah.. Thanks to Pn Noriah for the opportunity given. She set an interview with me, less did I know I have to go for a simple photoshot after the interview. Thus there goes my plain face and simple look. But then, its the originality me :) heheheh.. And yes, thanks to the new (blog and facebook fanpage) followers who get to know me via the article. I hope you'll gain something here in this blog :D

Ok, I think thats all for this simple update. See you when I see you :B


  1. Niza.. takde scan artikel penuh ke.. teringin nak baca full story lerr. akak ni jarang baca HM

  2. Kak Mila, bole baca kat sini:
    hehehehe.. ;)

  3. dh bc dh artikel tu..kagum dgn akak

  4. kak niza..
    when i read the newspaper, shock..
    "eh, ni kak niza" and when mom asked how i know kak niza "mom, i always read her blog and bace tutotial memjahit from her"...

    btw, happy birthday 2 little princess ;)

  5. Aima, thanks.. hahahah.. segan la plak I ni.. hehhehe.. ya, my eml and messenger pon ping-ping-ping, kawan2 dok contact.. :)