Jumaat, 15 April 2011

Win a NeezaNeedles Mei Tai

I am proud to announce that I am sponsoring a gift for simple contest held in conjunction with Great Cloth Diaper Change -KL (which is happening on Earth Day, 23 April 2011). And yup, the gift is NN-Mei tai blue polka.

NeezaNeedles Mei Tai - Blue Polka

NN:mt Blue Polka

This Mei Tai was made with love, thinking about you and your child safety.

Made with 100% cotton, the body panel is reinforced with several layers of soft, yet strong and supportive kanvas. Shoulder straps are padded and very stable, so you can achieve an optimal weight distribution over your back and shoulders. They are long enough that most can finish by Tibetan tie. It is equipped with a headrest that folds up and fastened in the rings on shoulder straps, if the small would fall asleep.

Product description details:
Shoulder strap length 93″
Shoulder strap width 4″
Waist strap length 84″
Waist strap width 3 1/2″
Body height 16″ (excluding waist strap)
Body width 15 1/2″

Contoured body shape to fit to small babies and large toddlers.
Reinforced shoulder contact points
Quilted, padded waistbelt
Sleep hood
Comes with matching drawstring bag for easy keeping purposes.


Besides me, you also stand a chance to win a SSC from the famous SNUGGbaby and a ringslings from DeanaDesign.

So head to ClothdiaperMalaysia for details.

Lets support Natural Parenting :)


4 ulasan:

  1. emm kalau lah ada baby, mesti best menyertai event2 camni kan

  2. Kak Mila, yer, kalo ada baby mcam2: bbwearing, cloth diapering, grup susuibu.. Heheheh.. Seronok tapi the package come with berjaga mlm dan menjaga baby.. kikikih..

  3. A mei tai lover has won your mei tai. :)

  4. Farah, Ya, its Aishah.. Hope she'll like it :)