Rabu, 4 Mei 2011

The ruffler attachment

I discovered recently that we can now transfer money from the local bank (MBB, CIMB etc) to the paypal account even without having the credit card. I was so happy with the new service provided by them and start to topping up my paypal acc to shop online.. gagagaga..

And among the damages that I've done was buying the ruffler attachment for my industrial machine. I've been eying for this foot long enough and been searching high and low at most local sewing store however failed to find it. They (the local sewing store) kept on showing me the gathering foot which I've already had, and others like LSN and Epal showed me the ruffler for low shank (which obviously will not fit the industrial sewing machine). Lucky me, later this one lad from Australia put this ruffler for bidding and yeap, I won the bid (with the fact that I am the one who bid) and managed to get it for RM120 (include shipping). Yup, the foot is quite expensive, pheww..

Ok, this is how the foot look alike:

Kinda scary isn't it?

And I made simple video tutorial on how to install the foot and how it works:

I am so happy with this ruffler attachment, and I made this dress for Zahra, which done within 3hours.



Zahra happily wearing the 'princess dress':

And besides this ruffler attachment, I also bought this foot for my industrial sewing machine.
What is it? This, you have to wait.. hehehehe :D


8 ulasan:

  1. tapak ni mmg khas utk industrial wm ke? ada ke tapak ruffle utk wm biasa?

  2. Ira, tapak yg aku beli ni mmg utk industrial machine la. tapak utk mesin jahit biasa pon ada, ce ko chk kat website LSN atau pegi epal store. diorang ada jual rm138 satu kalo tak silap.. hth

  3. wah, mahel la jugaks.. thanks babe for d info! btw, apesal aku type wm (washing machine) eh? hehe.. silap, sepatutnya sewing machine :P

  4. woh..mcm tu ka? nice..senang keje nk buat ruffles berbanding teknik biasa yg tarik benang tu :)

  5. Ya Lynn, sgt senang.. Akak mmg suka sgt.. hehehhe :)

  6. Lynn, mmg senang.. tak tipu.. berbaloi rasa beli :)

  7. thank you so much for doing the video!!! first time i heard about this... there is so much to learn..

  8. Hi Anic, glad you like it.. Thanks for dropping by my blog :D