Jumaat, 29 April 2011

Introducing: NeezaNeedles Buckle-Tai

Alhamdullillah, the NN-Mei Tais gaining a lot of attention and thanks to you who have place custom order asking me to make one for you to carry your little ones. :)

And today, I would like to introduce the NeezaNeedles Buckle Tai.

Buckle Tai
A spin-off is called a buckle-tai (and half-buckle). Instead of wrapping the fabric waist around you, it’s a clickable buckle and pre-formed, usually with a padded waist belt (think hiking backpack) and shoulder straps. With a half-buckle, its exactly like it sounds, only one part is buckleable, the other you wrap/tie. BF is easy in this modified mei tai too.

*A lightly padded contoured body- 20in tall(including the 4in wide waist strap), 17in wide at the top & bottom
*Partially padded 4inch wide shoulder straps
*4inch padded waist(you can request unpadded)
*Attached Hood

Price starts at RM155. Email me if you interested to make a custom :)


Happy Friday! Enjoy your long weekend peeps :D

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  1. hi.. neeza, klo fabrik provide by customer brp upah jahit shj + topup yg lain2