Khamis, 9 Jun 2011

Tiered skirt - for me and her

I'm going back to work next week, but the feeling wasn't there. So, in order to boost some excitement going back to work, I made meself a tiered round skirt.

And later after seeing my skirt, Zahra demanded one thus I continue sewing another skirt for her.

The skirts were made using the ruffler attachment, and its quite easy as I attached the back fabric and the fabric for ruffling in one go. So, sangat jimat masa.
This is how to use the ruffler attachment by making ruffle while attaching to the bodice.

Picture time - Me and the kids:

OK, the skirt done but the spirit still not there.. Should I make myself a new baju kurung now.. Erm..


5 ulasan:

  1. selamat memulakan kerja neeza!! jgn malas2 tau.. huhu..
    p/s: u should make your self a new baju kurung.. I sokong!!

  2. salam.hi.

    nak tempah skirt camtu bleh tak? serius nih

  3. Hi neeza, going back to work must be so difficult. as for me the idea of staying at home, doing what i like whenever i like , as i like ....was and is a dream never come true. hmm... while i love teaching and loved by students, highly-valued by admin too, the stress of morning rush , leaving my kids to others, etc...easily kill all the excitement at work.

    but of course, the RM is for the kids. so i stay.....

    it's not easy though....

  4. WAHM time eh kak? ^^

    lynn nasir