Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

Kisah Nabi Ayub as

I read about his story when I was young and I remembered crying when reading d story. Nabi Ayub as is such a rich man - harta banyak and anak ramai and very much pious. And since Satan was envy with his wealth, they ask Allah to put him into some test. First test was all his properties were taken - farm was on fire and all the animals died because of plague. Second test was his kids all died one by one again because of some deceased. He got the infection too which his skin became swollen and produced smelly pus and because of that his wife ran away. Despite of whatever happened, he still obeys Allah and went to the mosque to pray until the jemaah told him to stay away from masjid as the pus too smelly they can't concentrate to pray. He went back home and in tears pray to Allah swt saying that Allah swt can take anything that he owned - the kids, farms, wife even his health but never his love towards Him. He will still pray and love Allah swt with all his heart, nonetheless.

The story is too beautiful (yup, I'm crying again while writing this). The love towards Allah swt more than anything that is in the world... Adakah kita begitu?


Neeza Zaini


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  1. Please share again Sirah Rasul if you have time. The refresher like this is very helpful for us especially in this busy life. Reality check, baca Quran pun jarang dapat kita amalkan, ini kan pula kisah2 Rasul yang kita semakin lupa =( sad but true.

  2. Beautiful story. Thanks for the sharing.

    Nowadays, manusia menyalahkan Allah apabila kesusahan atau bala menimpa..apakah kita lupa semuanya itu milikNya? He can take or give anything he wants..

    Always pray and get closer to Him. Cinta kepada Allah adalah cinta yang abadi, InsyaAllah.