Saturday, October 1, 2011

The simple Black Abaya

Weekend #sewing.

I made myself a simple black abaya/jubah. Yeay!

With simple elastic cuff at the sleeves (I made a video-tutorial how to do this):

And a concealed-zipper for breastfeeding. Yeay!

Pattern was trace from other bought abaya.
Fabric: OK, this is the best part- RM2/meter remnant from Kamdar. The whole jubah is 2half meter so you do the math of the overall price for the jubah.

Last but not least- A happy-satisfying me :D


  1. salam neeza, boleh tmph ker abaya ni..cantikla..:)

  2. salam nieza - idea yg sgt bagus..I mmg minat sgt pakai abaya part boleh BF lagi bagus...u buat baju i dan i buat cake special utk u....hahaha

  3. i just made a tote bag using RM5.00/meter fabric ( remnant from Kamdar K.Trg ) for my daughter. only half a meter used. and today her kindergarten teacher asked me where i bought it and said ; it must be expensive. (hah!)

  4. adoii jelesnya! cantik...n berbaloi-baloi!! ;)

  5. mcm2 boleh jd... cantikla abaya ni... bilakah akn dbuka utk tempahan? hik hik

  6. waaa suke2!
    nk tempah blh?????