Sabtu, 12 November 2011


I was at the kitchen downstairs and when I was about to drink I called Zahra (who's watching tv upstairs), in intentionally to ask her if she wants anything in the kitchen too. She didn't response, and it makes me thinking..
'I think this is what my mom felt when she called me and I (kinda) ignored her.' 

I remembered about story of *Juriah. A very pious man who isolated himself to worship Allah swt. One night his mom came to visit, been calling him few times outsides his tent, but Juriah, being focused, he didn't answered to his mom. And his mom was hurt and pray to Allah swt. And Juriah later being accused for pregnant a woman. He denied but since nobody can be his eye-witness, and everybody seems to believe the woman, he been punished. The news about the punishment reach his mother and his mother pray for his safety, and right before the punishment, the woman revealed the real story.  *correct me if I'm wrong as I been reading this story long ago.

There are few surah in the Quran (Al-Baqarah, Alimran, Luqman) that have ayat said that we have to make good deed and respect our parent, even we have wicked parent, we shouldn't have grunges towards them. 

I am not mad with Zahra but I am more guilty to own self as I once did the same thing to my mum. I hope my mom will forgive me with whatever inappropriate thing that I've made. I always think that we human shouldn't keep revenge. Setiap manusia patut mengambil setiap kejadian sebagai ujian. Its ok to be mad but not to take it personally. Kita patut maaf memaafi, the world will be a better place. But then again, we are just a human being. And this is dunnya, Not paradise. 



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