Isnin, 12 November 2012

Sewing with knit cotton fabrics

InsyaAllah, Zahra will be going to school next year. So, I was a wee bit excited to sew her tudungs: using knit cotton interlock (t-shirt fabric) colored purple -I bought lilac and lavender because I can't decide which purple is more suitable, maybe lavender, or maybe lilac, well, we'll see nanti.

And I've learned that we need special tools to sew knit/jersey fabric, or if not, the sewing later will become am adventure we never want to experience again.

Further info regarding sewing knit cotton fabric can be read here:

Oh Baby! with Sewing with Knits

So, I get myself, a bunch of ball-point needles, and some twin needles to give a better effect. And also a tripple needle, just to have an experience in using that kind of needles. And ya, sewing this kind of fabrics is better to use the domestic sewing machine rather than industrial sewing machine because of the sewing effect- the zig-zag stitch is the ideal stitch for sewing knits.

Ok, I'll show the tudungs once it done. :)


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