Selasa, 18 Ogos 2009

Captured what is on your screen

This is for anon (I hope you're Malaysian coz I'll write in rojak.. hahah), and also for friends yang telefon semata nak tanya 'camana ko buat tu hah?'.. heheheheh..

Well, if you wanna capture what's in your screen now/currently or you just want to capture your desktop, what you can do is (eg. you want to capture your desktop):
1. Go to desktop (or any screen featured things that you wanted)
2. Then, click print-screen (PrtSc) on your keyboard. Just a click. Nothing will happen but do not worry.
3. Then open Paint application (or any other application that can edit picture)

4. Then, in Paint, click Edit -> Paste (or simply Paste on the white area)

5. Then, you're done.

Selamat mencuba. Btw, 'pesanan penaja', you can capture anything you like in the net BUT hakcipta/trademark, kena respect jugak, ok :-)

4 ulasan:

  1. i think i know who called u for this purpose...

    Haish... :P

  2. dd.. eh sape - sape.. aku tak tau la sape.. ekekeke

  3. kalau nak print screen aktif window je, tekan alt + prt sc...

  4. anon, bole yer.. ok, noted. thanks :-)