Isnin, 31 Mei 2010

What's cooking?

..or in my kitchen, its rather: what's burning? heheheh..

And in my sewing studio, who's gonna cook?

Well, I made reversible aprons for kids, and obviously not for Zahra (poor her). She was so excited with the aprons but later became disappointed when I took away the aprons and start to wrap it nicely.

Well Zahra, nanti Ummi buat lain ye untuk awak :)

Khamis, 27 Mei 2010

We've been featured


OK, I am a little bit excited. :))))

Well, however, it is nothing related with sewing. It is just something that I like - babywearing - ERGObaby carrier, and my daughter and I has been chosen as their profile picture in their facebook fanpage. I felt honored, seriously.. Hehehe.

So, that's me (being fatso) and my Zahra.

It is such a funny photo shoot as we just used the tripod to capture our picture and its hot where sweats are running all over my face and she is indeed quite heavy.

The whole picture can be viewed from this link.

Do drop by their FB page and become their fan. They're just one cool babywearing gear.


Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

Crayon rollsssssssssss.....

Remember we once have this 'Sew along aka Jom jahit' organized by TiniHani which we are suppose to make pencil/crayon/brush roll? Well I made myself a sewing tools roll: here, to refresh back your mind.

Well, just very recent, I've been approached by a customer to sew a crayon rolls for her kids birthday bash. This is how it looks, basically:

And whats up with the Ss on the title? Well, I have to sew not one but 80 pieces of them.. Yup, its a huge custom order, however, I am glad to make it for her.

Big thanks to Mr Jack and the new swivel chair for making my sewing life pretty much easier. Can't really imagine sewing without them.. heheheh..

OK, have to be back on the studio to do other stuff, again for my beloved customers who put their trust on me. Thank you, guys. Love uol very much :).
And of course my blog-readers, I love you too..

Isnin, 24 Mei 2010

On Tops of that

Last week, I went for my routine antenatal check-up and complaint to my Gynae that I am having on and off back pain. She gave me 2 days of MC and despite of having a rest at home, I took that opportunity to sew more. Hehehe..

These are the tops that I sewed for one of my customer. She is so petite and cute, which makes the baju didn’t fit with my mannequin. The blue tops have pleated on the chest (around the bustier) while the gray one having zipper in front, substituted with buttons.

She received both baju(s) today, and she seems to be happy with the both tops :)

I’ve already on my maternity leaves starting from this week onwards even though my EDD is on the 7th June. Since sitting at home doing nothing and being passive is not a very good activity (well, at least for me), I’ve accepted an order from fellow customer to sew something for her children birthday party. It was indeed a huge order and I am still working on it. Once I finished, I’ll show the outcomes.

And regarding my back pain, the pain did come and go, and I blamed on the chair that I’ve been using to sew. Thus, annoyed with my complaint (about the back pain and the uncomfortable chair), hubby brought me to the furniture shop and finally I got a new ergonomic swivel chair. And I am of course very happy with the chair and it does boost my spirit to stay longer in the studio to sew more.


And you peeps, have a nice day ahead.

Isnin, 17 Mei 2010

Maxi Maternity Dress / Gown

Hello people. :-)

Missing me.. No?
Well, I am still here, still carrying my big belly here and there.

My activity in the sewing studio is still on. What I did mostly is like mending stuff, sewing some baby binders and my own cloth panty liners. I have stop taking orders (for baju kurung and such, basically) just to give way for me to get enough rest, however having doing nothing (in the studio) and seeing other people updating their blogs with various craftwork makes me turn green with envy. Thus, ignoring about the extended belly, I accepted few orders from people just to release my addiction towards sewing (and giving some input to updating this blog.. heheh).

This is what I sewed for the last weekend. A maxi maternity gown for my officemate. Pattern was copied from my own maternity gown that I bought from Modernm*m. I am so lazy to further explain. Lets the pictures tell it all, ya..

I like the outcomes. Was quite impressed with my own ability to sew such dress. And I hope she like it too.

OK, I have another two tops for me to sew. Later when finish, I’ll show it to you.

Isnin, 3 Mei 2010

While counting the date....

I hate looking at my feet, they’re huge, and I can barely see the little toe. In fact, my hands are also swelling and my nose looks like a clown. Please, not to say Hi if you ever bump on me.. hehehehe….

OK, I am so rushing to settle all my orders. I’ve already cut the fabrics, just waited for the mood to arrive to start sewing. When? We’ll see about that..

And while waiting for my sewing mood to arrive, I made another mini zipper pouch (which looks more like a pencil case) for me. This one looks better that the previous and now, my daughter claim it as hers. Maybe I should make another one.

OK, that's all. For note: I am now in my 35weeks. Another 5wks (or less) to go.