Jumaat, 20 Ogos 2010

Fabrics craze

From Korea with L.O.V.E:

Thanks Hani, I love them all., ngee...

ps: I am extremely busy catching the dateline. Will update when time permit.

Take care all. :)

Selasa, 10 Ogos 2010

Sewing class, anyone?

I went to nearby shop this morning and realized there is a sewing shop and they even conducted sewing class for those interested to learn, here in Putrajaya, Precinct 9 (Flat hijau mampu-milik).

I took a peek on the shop, and noticed that they have more than 3 Brother industrial sewing machines. The class really does looks like a proper classroom. Too bad I didn't bring my phone so no picture to prove the scene.

Btw, this is the advertisement regarding the class:
p/s: I don't get paid to make this advert.

Anda berminat Belajar Menjahit?
Kelas belajar menjahit akan dibuka mulai bulan Oktober 2010.
Kelas akan dibuat pada waktu malam / hujung minggu.

Pakej 1: RM110
Asas kemahiran pola, mengukur, memotong, menjahit dan penggunaan mesin jahit lurus biasa dan high speed dan mesin jahit tepi

Pakej 2 : RM140
Jahitan Baju Kurung Biasa

Pakej 3 : RM160
Jahitan Baju Kurung Moden

Pakej 4 : RM 180
Jahitan Baju Kebaya

Tempat adalah terhad (5 orang/pakej).
Berminat sila hubungi Kedai Jahit dan Sulam Nur Solehah (012-969 1 669).


So, what are you waiting for? I might be joining the Pakej 4. Hope to see you guys learning with me in one class :)


And I would like to take this oppurtunity to wish all my readers:
Happy Ramadhan 2011

Sabtu, 7 Ogos 2010

Get an A stitches quality

To maintain the quality of your machine stitches, the most important notion should be in perfect condition: that would be the needle.

Thus, it is recommended that you should change your needle every three to six months depending on your frequency of sewing activity.

Seriously, I just knew about this. So, when is your last time changing the needle? Me, just now - After a year of using it.. Such an ignorance, eh?

Jumaat, 6 Ogos 2010

Jewelry Organizer

One thing that I never imagined that I’ll sew is plastic: however I just did it today.

It is actually a request from customer asking me to make a simple jewelry organizer for her, and she gave me this website for me to refer. At first, I was a bit reluctant; unsure with my own sewing skill– however managed to give myself a try with own thought: if the outcome is presentable, than I shall gave it to her, if not, then it can go to the bin. And surprisingly it is not that difficult to sew. I only used two things: a bias tape and an ordinary plastic people normally use to cover the dining table, and it takes less than an hour to finish the whole thing. But somehow must be very be careful when sewing, not to tear the whole plastic.

This is the outcome:

Now, I need to think on how am I suppose to wrap this jewelry organizer to post it to her.. ermm…

60 days

My little guy is two months young today.

Latest sight of him:

And I am happy to be with you (and of course your big sis too) night and day till you turn one next year, insyaAllah.. *grinnnnn*

Rabu, 4 Ogos 2010

Some random thought

1) I am kinda busy. Yes, I am busy.

2) I pledged myself that all orders must reach customers by 1st September 2010.

3) The studio is in a big mess. Dear Hubby, Enter at your own risk.

4) Some of the fabrics have been cut, waited to be sergered:

5) Honestly said, I am not good with web designing. I prefer something that is simple but nice. Well, I changed the blog header. What do you think?

Have a wonderful August, readers :)