Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Play clay

New game for Zahra: the clay or also known as plasticine.

We introduced to Zahra Playdoh the other day, but she seems not ready to play such game. Not that she hate the game but she depending on us (me or hubs) to play together with her. Seriously I prefer to introduce a game that at first I will accompany her to play but later she should play by herself (kinda selfish over there, hahahah). Later the dough became hard and no longer can be played resulted them finally rest in peace in the dustbin. So, she just play the stove, cookware, utensils as an addition for her masak-masak ware.

When we were in the stationary shop, she wanted to have something as usual. I already bought her the pencil colors, crayons, water colors, magicolors, scissors and glue, and later decided to settle on plasticine. She seems okay even though she's a bit clueless on how to play it.

I show/teach her on how to play the plasticine and thanks to the BabyFirst channel in HypeTV they have a slot on showing how to make things with the plasticine. And later she play them by herself using the utensils from the previous Playdoh set.

I am happy, so does Zahra. Yeay!

The clay:

I showed her example how to play:

She's trying to make her own version:

Hers verses mine:

The TV program:


2 ulasan:

  1. owh..this one is really good and interesting one to play. silap2 saya pun main skali ngan anak2..

  2. mmg best la lynn, seronok main ngan anak2, betul! pada akak better clay dr playdoh, sbb doh playdoh tu cepat keras. dah la mahal.. hahaha..