Jumaat, 3 Disember 2010

Little tokens for the orphans

I guess everyone in this same niche has heard about the Back to School charity project organized by Pondok Craft. I am contributing, YES, I am. Even not that much but I hope what I've made bring joy to the kids.

Sewn with love by Neeza:

A dozen of pencil cases and a dozen of mini crayon rolls.
Special thanks to Munirah for providing those lovely fabrics.

Hey, there's still time if you want to make something for the orphans. Click this link for details. They need lots of Back-to-School items to distribute to quite number of orphanages.

Ok, happy weekend everyone. Cheers!



5 ulasan:

  1. cantik.. :)
    insya allah segalanya dipermudahkan dan rezeki neeza se family dimurahkan..

  2. Thanks all. InsyaAllah... :)

  3. wow... dah siap dah... cayalah..
    semuanya cantik2.. :)

  4. mamaDaniel, tgh free dan ada mood better jahit cepat2.. bertangguh-bertangguh kang trus terlepas tarikh plak.. hehehehe...