Jumaat, 25 Februari 2011

The clutch pt2

Since there is a request to have a better picture of the previous clutch, here I represent the whole look of it. :) Gagaga...

The front:

The side:

The inside (hook together using the magnetic closure):

Its actually a simple envelope clutch, which I acquired the pattern based on hubby's spectacle cover (hahah). Considering that I've been given only photos for me to refer, this is all I can came out with as my imagination is quite limited to a 2D perspective. The whole body of the clutch is proportionally stiff as its been stuffed in with hard and thick interfacing and the fabric used was a good quality of Thai silk.

Its a lovely Friday today ;). Happy weekend to all..

Khamis, 24 Februari 2011

The clutch

My little confession: I don't really like sewing bag, tote, purse, and such. I believe sewing them is not that hard but I don't feel content enough like sewing dress or tops or baju kurung. Maybe it's because I am not a bag person myself. :p

However, I managed to sew a clutch to dear customer based on the picture given.

The sampler picture:

The outcomes:

Heheheh.. Obviously they don't even look alike but not bad huh.. :D

Ahad, 20 Februari 2011

New range of NeezaNeedles Mei Tais

NeezaNeedles Mei tai RM110 each comes with matching drawstring bag to keep it in place.
For more viewing of the above products, feel free to head to the shop or stalk them in my Facebook Fanpage.

Thank you.

Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Another break

I guess I've been working too hard till the needle plate broke.

Thus, will having another little break till I manage to get replacement.

And one tips that I learn tonite is if you sew something very thick, unscrew the plate so that it is not too tight.

Ahad, 13 Februari 2011


In fond memory of my mother in law, who passed away last Thursday (10.02.2011).

A great woman who gave birth to a great man, father of my children.
Al-fatihah Mak. Semoga roh dicucuri rahmat Allah swt.


Rabu, 9 Februari 2011

Coming up..

I am currently occupied with these:

New range of my handmade mei tais. Stay tune, will be up for sale soon ;)

Make pants less than 30 minutes

I was busy sorting fabrics when suddenly Zahra came and asked 'Umi jahit baju orang?', I asked her back why and she showed me the Kitty Cat Fabric and said, 'Zahra nak baju ni..'. Since the fabric is a bit hard, I foresee that it's not suitable to make a dress or a top, so I settled with a very simple pants. And since it is so simple, I managed to snap pictures on how to make one. So, heres a simple tutorial on how to make a simple pants:

1. You dont really need a pattern but what you need is another comfortable pants to become the sampler. Put the sampler on the fabric and cut according to the figure, but remember to extend at about two inch on the top (to be folded to put in the elastic) and half inch at the bottom (to be folded too to make a neat hems). The butt area must also be a bit bigger than the sampler as it will soon be shrank after the elastic was put in.

This is how it looks like after cutting.

2. Serge the hems.

3. Then, sew the seams (joining the both fabric together).

4. This is how it looks like after the upper seams has been sewed.

5. Then again sew the lower part of the seams.

6. Then fold the upper part in two and sew them together leaving a small area unsew so that you can slot in the elastic.

7. Slot in the elastic.

8. Sew them up, so that it looks neat.

9. Sew the leg,

10. And you're done :)

Easy isn't it?

Zahra (a little bit cranky over there.. hehehe) with her new pants:

Now you try..


Khamis, 3 Februari 2011

Soon ended

No.. not the giveaway. The giveaway still on till 15Feb.. :)

What I mean is my honey-moony-post-delivery work leave.

I did told you previously that my leave was a year, that's up till August 2011. But, I managed to get transferred to new workplace (no, not promotion but I applied for workplace exchange) and they approved the application and now I am going back to work- starting this month I supposed. And of course with the very late noticed I postponed my new workplace enrollment to, ya, next month.

And with this berserk situation, I am no longer be able to accept any order from you guys. Sorry for the very late notice. Hope you'll understand.

As for my new workplace, I have this strange mix feeling. I am very much excited, I cant deny that. I cant wait to start from A, to learn from the very beginning, to experience the new challenge but at the same time it is very much disturbing thinking I have to leave my kids to other people. I know this is one of their growing up learning processes. I hope they cope well, so do I (coping well in new work place).

And for Jabatan Patologi, Hospital Serdang, you shall be missed (yeah, right.. *wink*) (1 March 2009 - 2 February 2011).


Selasa, 1 Februari 2011

NeezaNeedleS Giveaway

As promised as yesterday, I am announcing the simple to enter NeezaNeedles giveaway. :)

Well, this is the gift:
A rubber stamp, Colop size 30 (18x47 mm) worth RM50, with your own design/wording that you like (eg. your name + your designation or your online business add or your home add, etc) and color that you preferred (black, blue or red).


1. Go to NeezaNeedles Facebook page here. If you don’t already like it, like it!

2. Leave the following comment on NeezaNeedles Facebook wall:

I like to win the COLOP rubber stamp from NeezaNeedles http://bit.ly/g9n4bV
You can get creative with the comment.

3. Spread the word about this giveaway (it doesn’t affect your chances, but some good karma might!) and wish yourself good luck!



You can enter once. Everybody can enter but the prize will be posted to Malaysian address only. Winner drawn at random from all valid entries on the 15th of February 2011.

Good luck to all. :)