Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Presser feet pt2

These are the few feet that I personally think it is essential for me to use while doing some sewing project.

1) Top stitch foot - this foot is bind with a metal plate as a marker, which basically will give an ease for you to stitching the straight lines. This is one of my favorite as I sew lotsa straight lines.

2) Teflon non-stick foot - important for sewing stretchy fabric. Remember this post? Yup, the one reason I bought this foot is I've learnt the lesson of a skipping stitches the hard way.. hehehhe..

3) Adjustable zipper/piping foot - this foot is needful for sewing piping or uneven thickness of fabric. I personally like this foot very much.

4) Bias tape attachment foot - I bought this in order to be used to attach the bias tape on baju kurung but unfortunately never had the chances of using it yet as I prefer to use the conventional method on attaching the tape.

OK, I think that few of my high shank feet which is in my collection. Others are the zipper and conceal zipper feet. And of course the magnificent ruffler attachment, and the biggest foot - the buttonhole attachment. Will talk more on the buttonhole attachment later :D

4 ulasan:

  1. kawan sy beli yg ruffler foot tu rege RM80-90 (tak ingat),local sewing store kat area Kuantan rasanya. wishlist tu..

  2. Lynn, Tini kan.. Hehehe.. Dia ada pm kak neeza ritu.. tapi yg dia beli low shank.. But good deal la rm85 tu.. berbaloi-baloi..

  3. i found the teflon foot here in aloq staq yesterday and today come back to this post to say thank u... now hembus2 la angin R ke sini....

  4. Yeay.. welcome :)))

    Fuh..fuh.. angin R.. Moga berlalu itu angin M.. hehehheheee