Selasa, 23 Ogos 2011

The Aftermath

Alhamdulillah, the three of us is safe and sound. So, what I did the whole day today is to clean up the big mess. Ya Allah, so penat as the ashes were scattered all over the house. At first, I don't even know where and how to start. The kids kept on bugging which later made them look like the coal mine workers- berarang satu muka, especially on their feet (mine too). So, I have to wait till their nap time to start to clean the mess.

So, this is how it looks after a little bit of cleaning up.

I moved the (heavy!!!) refrigerator to the small room downstairs as other wall sockets at the kitchen cannot be used, and threw away the tikar Sarawak (x pe next time we balik kampung buy a new one). Clean piece by piece wall tiles (at the kitchen) and later wash the floor. Mopping the living room floor and changed the curtains and pillow cases. And by afternoon, I surrendered by calling the cleaning service and yeay, they'll come tomorrow night insya-Allah.

Actually, I want to share you few tips on how to handle similar situation:

1. Keep usable torchlight at safe reachable place.

2. Make sure your mobile phone is fully recharge. As in my case, later in the afternoon I have to go to my neighbor house to charge my phone as its went flat (after few calls from the family members, twittering with friends and whatnot).

3. Know and be kind with your neighbor. They are the closest 'family members'.

4. To clean ashes, the easiest way is to use baby wipes cos they contain a little bit of alcohol and it trapped carbon real well rather than wipes (the ashes) with damp cloth+water.

And of course, I cant stop being grateful to Allah swt for all the causes:

1. It happened this week rather than next week.

2. It happened at day time rather than at night.

3. It happened when we're around rather than we're out.

4. It happened when I've done with the orders rather than the orders are piling.

Alhamdullilah ya Rabb..

And as I am in the mood of cleaning up the house, I finally finished folding all the 3 weeks wash-clothes. Yeay.. Now, can't hardly wait for hubby to get home. I demand a good, a very good back massage.. Heheheheee...



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