Friday, September 30, 2011


Moment before we hit the bed. And ya, the feeling its like a deja vu, every single nite. :)

Neeza Zaini

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marketing tips

I have a habit of reading the business/marketing blog while breasfeeding Hamza (as that the only time that I can lie and read.. hehehe).

Ok, these are few tips that I would like to share:
1) Price. State clearly and precise. I made a long post about this previously. We don't wanna go to a shop and keep to ask the salesperson the price of each item and as seller answering same question over and over again kinda tiring especially later customer just walk away without buying anything. So, state price. Crystal clear. Jimat masa penjual dan pembeli.

2) Nice picture. Whole clear item. If you sell cloth, better to have a mannequin than putting the cloth on the floor.

3) If you want to link your website to Facebook or Twitter, better use full link web-address. Using bitly, owly is not a good way to promote ur online-shop. People will never remember or worst they wouldn't even interested to click.

4. Have a business card. Bring anywhere. Once people ask you, 'keje apa?'. Be proud to give them the card. Even they will not into your niche (like me: they don't have baby to carry) but at least they know about your existance and will promote you to their friends, who knows kan.

5. And of course, the most easy way to market your product is you use it / talk about it proudly. If you make baju, wear them. If you bake, make some to relatives and friends each time you gathered. Talk about what you make. Be proud. And of course, when I said be proud means you talk about how you enjoy making it, NOT whining about what you make. [Additional note (to meself too): Whining is not good. Far more worst if you whine on your FB/Twitter wall. It showed some kind of attitude there. Be grateful. Always be grateful. Customer cerewet or whatsoever, just be grateful. Ok..]

So I guess you see the key word here: Be Proud. Siapa yang patut lebih bangga dengan barang buatan sendiri jika bukan diri kita (dan family)..

Ok. That's all.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pimp the chair

The massage chair to be exact. The chair is 4yo and a year ago the seat skin started to peel off. It came out each and everytime we used the chair and not only it looks ugly, but it giving me extra work to sweep the floor right after using the chair.

So, this is the before look:


With new cover sewn by me :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tutorial: Sew simple Hair scrunchy

Lama tak buat video tutorial, so here it is, a simple vid-tute on How to Make Hair Scrunchy.

I've been doing this a lot lately (apart of making the carriers). Sebab sort of mind relaxing. Plus it is so easy I am just using the fabric scraps. Now you know how to make this by yourself, bole la buat banyak2 kot bole jadi hasil pendapatan sampingan ke.. Happy trying :D

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Be clear with your price tag

This is based on my observation mostly in Facebook. Someone want to sell her handmade cloth diaper, cloth pads, homemade cookies or cake (to name a few) BUT kinda secretive with the price that their put - PM me for the price.

It makes me wonder :

1. Did they have selective price lists for selective people?

2. Are they selling like eBay? Offer me good price and the goods is yours?

3. What are they affraid off (for not disclosing the price tag?) Competitors?

4. Do they spend the whole day in front of the net answering every eml asking for the price as obviously I am not.

Well, #1 advise from most of the marketing and business blogs - be clear with your price tag as some customers they don't really like to go into the fuss of emailing, asking and waiting.

Ok mebe some seller loves to get in touch with their customers before proceed with business but imho displaying your price tag can save a lot of time. Even if your price higher than others but with God will if we're sincere in doing the job there will sure be people interested with our stuff.



Neeza Zaini

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taman permainan

The house. Specific area: our bedroom and TV corner.

Whatever kids. As long as you happy and actively learning (playing). :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Single fitted bed sheet

Two days in a row Zahra wet the bed so we run out of bed cover and despite the high piles of carriers to be made, I take a break and sew this simple single fitted bed cover.

The cute bear fabric was bought long ago with the above purposed. The pillow covers I shall resume later in need. Hehehe..

Fabric: Cotton bought at Kamdar Kuala Tganu for Rm1/meter. Yup, its under 'kain rosak' fabrics pile. And I bought 10meters uncut of the above fabric.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Giveaway - Win 2type of fabric

Previous book giveaway officially closed, where the lucky winner was already announced.

I never thought it is that fast to reach 1k fan-liked.

So, I announced other giveaway. THANK YOU Giveaway is now ON. 2 fabrics (~1mtr each) up for grab. Giveaway open till Hari Malaysia. Visit my Facebook Fanpage: Neezaneedles to enter ☺.


Another giveaway

Previous book giveaway officially closed, where the lucky winner was already announced.

I never thought it is that fast to reach 1k fan-liked.

So, I announced other giveaway. THANK YOU Giveaway is now ON. 2 fabrics (~1mtr each) up for grab. Giveaway open till Hari Malaysia. Visit my Facebook Fanpage: Neezaneedles to enter ☺.


September Giveaway

Its a book! A fundamental book about sewing - Sewing 101.

Here's how to win:
I'll put this link to my Facebook fanpage and comment below:
"I wanna win the book"
Spread the news and share my page.
Once page hit 1000 Like, I will pick the lucky winner.
Open to all with Malaysian postage address.
Good Luck!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Simple Punjabi tops

A simple punjabi top I made in purpose to go for Raya open house this evening. Actually nak buat long sleeves but kain x cukup ada 1half meter je.

Fabric: Remnants cotton crepe from Kamdar, Rm2 per meter.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The first picture is me and my Kakak when we were little. Picture taken during raya where Mama made us a matchy baju kurung.

The rest of the pictures are my kids. Putting them in a uniform is fun. And cute. Hehehe..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our 2011 Raya

Our raya pictures (some of them, or can be said the best of them) has been upload in my FB fanpage.. Feel free to go and peek :) at the link below:

Raya 2011 NeezaNeedles

And as usual, second raya is our long trip day from Ipoh to KT. Dan sama seperti tahun sebelumnya, wajib singgah di Santuari Gajah at Kenyir. This time around our estimation time is just nice as we got the chance to ride the elephant.. Woohoo. So, Hamza and Mat went for an elly-ride while me and Zahra just watch as Zahra was scared (macam biasa..) hehehee..

Ok thats all. How your raya peeps? :)

Excessively updating the blog

Jakun here. I just discovered the ability to update via mobile phone and now abusing the service. Heheh... Bear with me ya, while I am in high mojo to write.



I am in the search of tudung that is easy to wear but most modest and menutup aurah. And ya, I can said that I've found one. Yeay!

For me its cantik as it cover the neck as well. Unfortunately I just bought one as the tudung shop (in front the tabung haji) is open space thus I can't test the tudung. Mebe I should DIY for more... :)

Today activity

Tabung haji. Deposited my kids duit raya. Its so crowded I nearly give up but before I do someone else did and gave his number to us. God bless you sir, thanks very much :D.

I parked the car far enough for us to sweat walking in the sun and so thanks to Merak buckle tai for eased my day. Back carry is so syiok. X rasa berat anak. You should try. Hehehe..


This is how I keep my buttons and presser feet. I know some people kept all their buttons in a jar but I prefer this way, senang nak differentiate type of buttons.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hair scrunchie

Its a hot day today. Warming up my machine I made these hair scrunchies using the fabric remnants. 2 for me and 2 for Zahra..

Now thinking to make more for sale.. Erm.. ;)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Testing 123

Sending blogpost from email..
Neeza Zaini
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