Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Play clay

New game for Zahra: the clay or also known as plasticine.

We introduced to Zahra Playdoh the other day, but she seems not ready to play such game. Not that she hate the game but she depending on us (me or hubs) to play together with her. Seriously I prefer to introduce a game that at first I will accompany her to play but later she should play by herself (kinda selfish over there, hahahah). Later the dough became hard and no longer can be played resulted them finally rest in peace in the dustbin. So, she just play the stove, cookware, utensils as an addition for her masak-masak ware.

When we were in the stationary shop, she wanted to have something as usual. I already bought her the pencil colors, crayons, water colors, magicolors, scissors and glue, and later decided to settle on plasticine. She seems okay even though she's a bit clueless on how to play it.

I show/teach her on how to play the plasticine and thanks to the BabyFirst channel in HypeTV they have a slot on showing how to make things with the plasticine. And later she play them by herself using the utensils from the previous Playdoh set.

I am happy, so does Zahra. Yeay!

The clay:

I showed her example how to play:

She's trying to make her own version:

Hers verses mine:

The TV program:

5 months and still S.T.R.O.N.G

Its been 5 months I’ve stay home away from 8 to 5 day work. By now, I can say that I am finally successfully adjusting myself to the daily schedule: a schedule that looks same from Monday to Sunday, continuing to another Monday to Sunday, till the rest of the month. And still the same till today.

So basically my timetable is like:
Morning: Housechore and organizing the kids.
Noon: Housechore and lunch.
Afternoon: Hamza taking his afternoon nap, Zahra watching tv and I’ll have my sew time
Evening: Playground, or brisk walk with kiddos.
Nightime: Preparing dinner, loafing with hubby and kids.
Midnight: Hubby and kids in lalaland, and I’ll be resuming my work in the studio till 3am.

I think my daily activity is not much different from any other sahm/wahm, but one thing I learnt is that working at home does need lots of discipline. At first I’m kind a easily distracted with the internet : hopping from one blog to another, FBing and watsnot, till at the end of the day I noticed that I’ve done nothing but craps. Thus surfing the net is restricted to only when I am nursing Hamza, thanks to the phone. My current addiction is reading the business and marketing blog such as Mars Dorian, CraftMBA, and IttyBiz. Hei, check them out. They’re seriously good: better than reading personal blog that full of drama on what to cook yesterday, today and tomorrow.. hahahah.

Me and Zahra
She is now no longer my daughter (heheh), she can be considered as my best friend. And as best friend, we laugh together and sometimes when I am very busy in the sewing studio while she demands for attention, we fight. But Alhamdulillah seeing and being with her every day, I am no longer shouting or yelling making both of us are upset. Its either I will try hard to understand and comfort her or if thing get worse will ask her to get in the room to calm herself. Eventually when things get colder, both of us will be happy and back to the laughing mode.

Well, this is what I transpire as staying at home mother. I tried to be as positive as I can. Not whining, nor complaining. In fact, I just want to enjoy every single minutes. Its fun actually provided you’re full loaded of good activity (not just watching tv or sleeping like no tomorrow).

Permanently SAHM? Well, we’ll see about it. Telling the truth, I still doesn’t have the guts.


Jumaat, 22 Oktober 2010

Rapper hat (also known as chemo hat / chemo cap)

I've made this previously. You can see the entry here.

Not long after that, I've received few emails from you guys asking me to make the same hat. Since I wanted to finish the whole fabrics, I just cut them all, and make more than enough.

If you interested to purchase such hat, email me at neeza79[at]yahoo[dot]com. These are the only left as I am run out of the fabrics (its knit cotton btw). Each hat is RM15.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend :D

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

Sewing machine pad and trim catcher

But what is most important to me is the trim/thread catcher.

There is a lot of tutorial on how to make one scattered in the net. These are some of the examples that I saved, hoping that I'll make one but to busy (or lazy) to do it.. heheh..


2) Melle bug and me

3) Elizabeth's

* I think maybe tinihani can organize jomjahit to make this trim catcher. *wink.. wink*

Ok, back on my story. Since I am busy to make my own trim/thread catcher and am annoy to see leftover threads all over the floor, I used small plaited basket bought in Sarawak.

Later, while browsing the net, I stumbled upon this website selling the sewing machine pad plus trim catcher which is very suitable to be used with the serger. And, lucky me, they did sell this in Spotlight, Singapore. And thanks to my beloved customer, Sab (who I never meet irl) willing to buy it for me. Yeay for internet networking!!! :) And thanks to Erleyna as well for bringing back the item all the way from Singapore to Putrajaya.. ngee..

And people, introduce to you the new member of my studio's team:

Goes perfectly well with the serger..

Ok, Happy working everyone :)

Jumaat, 15 Oktober 2010

Its a hot day..

..and we need to wind ourselves.

So, what we did was:

Jump in to the pool.. hoyeh!

And since it is weekday, the pool is ours.. another HOYEH!

Enjoy our pictures:


Because it keeps on coming in and NEVER out

The chest freezer finally reach its threshold. Since miss_b**bies is no brainier, until today she still fail to estimate on how much to produce everyday to cater with Hamza's intake. Thus, I still have to pump to release the engorgement and also to avoid me self from getting that horrible mastitis fever (which happen to attack me once I ignore to pump). And thing happen for a reason, thanks to you miss_b**bies today I have another child - Hayyan Nujaid. Alhamdulillah, its such a happy feeling to help other mother to survive on their breastfeeding journey.

The full chest freezer:

Giving Hana more or less 30packs of milk:

Zahra and Hamza new brother- Hayyan Nujaid @ 10days:


Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010


I am so excited..

If you follow me in my Facebook fanpage, you've already get the idea as I have put up some yummy fabrics and introducing the items for sell.

So here, another sneak preview:

My little shop finally has been set up. But still need to be tune here and there.

Head to this LINK to see what I am up with..

Thank you :) .. hehehehe...

Jumaat, 8 Oktober 2010

Little bit on this and that..

Hello October, missing me? Heheheh...

I am quite busy settling all the pending orders (Ros baju kurungs, Nieda baju kurungs, Yuen Fuen jubahs and pajamas for Didi sons - one at a time, however.. ;)). I know I am doing this in a very slow pace but I am so eagerly to finish them all as I wanted to begin my own project - my own handmade product. No, its not garment but its something that I've already done previously and thanks to the customer who later introduce me to her friends and the networking spread well, now I can say that I am quite swarm with such orders but have to admit that I enjoy working on it.

Before I start to announce on my new project cum business (if it can be called one.. hehehe..) I would like to thank to my lovely customers, who tag me with their picture wearing my handmade bajus. Appreciate it very much guys :D

1) Kak Arin lovely daughters from

2) Didi son (

3) Sab daughter's- special customer all the way from Singapore

4) Hana (

Thanks once again for the picture guys and also for liking my creation.

I received few emails from you guys asking me why I decided to not taking any order. Well, its an honor when you like my creation especially the baju kurung, and not that I am quiting or what, I just wanting to concentrate on the prospect business (hehehehe) and if I'm successfully able to manage the time, insyaAllah I will be happily to open back my service in jahit baju for you guys.

And last but not least, even I am quite busy (chewah..), this is what I sew for the house for this week.

A curtain made from leftover fabrics (given by my mom):

- I am so lazy to fill up the thread in the bobbin for the speedy s/m, thus I just sewn using the domestic sewing machine and I am so surprise that this sewing machine is Slow! Hahah..

and a giant pillow cover.

This simple project is so satisfying.

Oh ya, before I forget, again I rearrange the studio. Changing back to the previous room as the former room will be upgrading to becoming guest room. All I can say is the whole kemas-kemas thing is Penat.. hehehe.. But I like the new view.. :)

Ok, that's all. Will write again if time permit. Enjoy weekend guys!