Khamis, 30 Jun 2011

Wrapping up June

Last day of June is today. So, lets wrap..

Alhamdullillah, after being featured in the local newspaper, rezeki adalah mencurah-curah. Makanya, tak menang tangan. With the fact that I have come back to work, lagila agak busy. Habis blog pun terabai.

Nak tunjuk sikit gambo yang masuk surat khabar tu.. heheehee :)

Cerita pasal kerja, I supposed to coming back to work on 1st May. But since there is no black and white, just a single phone call, I refused to enroll. Then, at the end of May, the office called again asking me to come back on 1st June, which I still don't have heart to go to work, but this time I promised to show up on 15june. Life later became kelam kabut. Berpusing2 sekitar Persint 3 mencari Taska. Alhamdullillah, jumpa jugak.

So, I've been working for two weeks now, and by that short period, I've taken a day leave and 3 days of MC. The kids seems having hard time coping with Taska. After two days, Hamza down with heavy fever and later having campak while Zahra also down with fever with thick green mucus and till today, she still coughing and coughing which makes my night life alive. Penatss.. esp when kids not feeling well, hubby's not around and life is not as relax as previous, ie. when you have to wake up early in the morning, drag the kids into the car, stuck in the traffic, chasing time to make sure the monthly card is not red, fight with your own feeling when the kids starting to cry when you waved them goodbye in front of the taska, and later be alone in your own cubicle doing something that is not fulfilling (as for me la).. And as for this week, I dragging the kids to my work place as the eldest refuse to go to Taska and the small one still not fully recovered from his campak.

They seems to be happy, (with Ummi) :)



A year of single income actually has change our life style. I can say that we are more careful in spending in things that we need rather on the things that we want (and at the end of the day rarely use it). And I can say that my hubby is one lucky man as I, myself is a simple low maintenance woman (heheheee..) - i dont do make-up, single shoe that go for every occasion, still wearing my University baju kurung's (if they fit me) and designer handbag what? .. And on top of that, now, I wear my own made baju, so does Zahra. All I can say is that our life is cukup. Cukup. Tidak lebih, tidak kurang. Memadai.

Oh ya, before that, nak cerita jugak- I celebrate my 32th birthday last 25th June. Lucky, tarikhnya jatuh pada hari Sabtu, thus Hubby is around to celebrate together. 32 this year and I believe I am wise enough in making decision for my life and my future. I am taking that big decision - letting go this job. Yup, surprise-surprise. :) I've think hard. Very-very hard. Istiqharah. And I bumped into the sign. The above article came out the first day I enrolled to job and I knew Allah swt have set something for me, and on the 20th I've tendered my resignation letter. Yup, people. I decided to become a homers - staying home, taking care of the children, and making carriers to generate little income.

This is not the first time I'm letting go a job. I've been working at various places from public school to private hospital to private school and in poultry farm before settling with the 'kerajaan Malaysia'. But of course the feeling was mixed. I remembered telling my friends that this would be my last resort as I need that pension to taking care of meself later when I am old. However, I believed in Allah swt plan. The best is yet to come, insya Allah.

My last day would be somewhere around the corner. Will reveal the date, later.

Ok, I think thats all for now. Thanks for reading, friends..

Isnin, 20 Jun 2011

NeezaNeedles Buckle Tai V2 - Prototype

The current NN-BT is carbon-copy of the NN-MT substituting the long shoulder straps and the waist straps to buckle and webbing. The body panels, sleeping hood and the style of stitching is totally the same. The NN-MT is basically adopting the conventional design of meitai that widely sale in the market.

I've tested most of the buckle tai that I made by wearing Hamza, and in my opinion, the carrier seems to be perfectly fitting him and me. However, feedback that I got from customers mostly due to sizing. Some was happy saying the size is perfectly nice, some commented that the size is a bit big, and some even request for bigger but shorter body panel as their baby like to hands-out rather than stuck in.

At first I'm thinking to come out with two different size of NN-Bt(for baby and for toddler), however when I was busy sketching the design, I suddenly remembered about my first baby carrier (the modern crotch carrier) which the design is simple but baby can freely hands-out when they want. So, I adopted the design with a twist that fit the meitai/buckle tai style - which is more ergonomic compare to the crotch carrier.

The crotch carrier (picture courtesy

Some sketch that I've made:

Later come out with this solution - buckle tai that hopefully can fit well with both baby and big baby.

And started to make the prototype using Zoology fabric from Michael Miller.. hehehe.. I know, I should used normal plain fabric first but I am so sure this is going to work so being impatient, I just used that beauty.. (Alhamdullilah jadi..)

The NeezaNeedles Buckle Tai V2:

So what's the different from NNBTv1:
i. Curved neck rest - which is suitable for baby to sleep as I stuff in that part with hard interfacing and thick span
ii. Foldable neck rest for baby to hands-out, or simply for big baby to freely enjoy their view (without being block)
iii. neck rest is supported with adjustable buckle. Baby can hands-out yet with the neck rest up (not folded)
iv. Omit the sleeping hood - with the existence of the neck rest, the extra fabric of sleeping hood is no longer needed. However, you can request to have the sleeping hood if you want to.

That's all I can think for now.

Now some action picture, Me-Hamza-NNBTv2:

Front carry with sleeping Hamza:

Front view

Front side view - hands in

Front side view - hands out but in-buckled

Back carry (Hamza awake):



*all pictures were taken using phone camera. The fabric is more stunning irl.

The new design will be open for order starting July 2011, as I just place order for the extra small buckle and webbing. I will happily to announce the exact date I can take order (when all the buckles safely arrive at my door).

Ok now the peak info. The price. After calculating here and there, the price will be as quoted below.

Designer / Imported fabric - RM190
Own Fabric for body panel - RM145

OK. If anything you wanna ask about the NNBTV2 feel free to eml me. And ya, if u stay near Putrajaya and wanna have a close look of the BTV2, we can arrange for meeting, ok :)

Khamis, 16 Jun 2011

FAQ about the NeezaNeedles carriers

My personal mission when I'm doing this 'business' is to spread the babywearing loves, by making a carrier with style yet affordable to all, and it seems to nearly achieved :), thank you very much to the news coverage. Thanks to Kak Arin yang promote via her blog, sekaligus menarik perhatian Kak Kusyi (wartawan Harian Metro yang menulis artikel tersebut). Terima kasih banyak-banyak-banyak tak terhingga. :D

Dan terima kasih kepada semua yang bertanya mengenai carrier especially NeezaNeedles Babywearing Handmade.. Tak larat rasanya nak menjawab satu per satu email dengan soalan yang hampir sama (heheheee), maka I came out with this post just to cover some of your Questions.

1) Whats the different between Mei tai, Buckle Tai and Onbuhimo?

My handmade babywearing gear will be focusing on:
1) Chinese Mei Tai
2) Japanese Onbuhimo
3) Modified Mei Tai also known as Buckle Tai

Everything is Made in Putrajaya, Malaysia with lots and lots of L.O.V.E. with safety tucked in mind. :)

Thank you.


These are the defination of the product taken from the website*:

Mei Tai from China

Mei Tai Chinese baby carrier

A Chinese mei tai baby carrier is currently the most popular Asian carrier in the North American market. The mei tai carrier has a strap coming from each corner of the square of fabric. The body of the carrier is pre-formed, and you get to adjust the wrapable straps around you for a very personalized and supportive fit (ties around your waist and crosses over your shoulders).

  • The bottom straps are tied around the mother’s waist with the baby’s legs hanging over the ties,

  • top straps go over the mother’s shoulders either crossing in front or just over the shoulders,

  • straps go back under the baby’s bottom or across the baby’s back,

  • then straps are tied in front around the mother’s waist.

Buckle Tai

A spin-off is called a buckle-tai (and half-buckle). Instead of wrapping the fabric waist around you, it’s a clickable buckle and pre-formed, usually with a padded waist belt (think hiking backpack) and shoulder straps. With a half-buckle, its exactly like it sounds, only one part is buckleable, the other you wrap/tie. BF is easy in a mei tai too.

A mei tai carrier is more adjustable to fit your body since you have complete control over how snug you get the waist and shoulder straps. I tried some SSC’s(soft structured carriers) that are on the market, but I Love the feel of a mei tai and I hated the thick waist that sits on your hips. So I started drawing up patterns for the NN BT. I started making buckle tais because I knew how some people hate how dirty the mt straps would get everytime they had to put it on at public places.
You do have the option of having *just* the waist buckle or *just* the shoulder buckles, leaving either the shoulder straps or waist straps to tie like a MT.

Onbuhimo from Japan

Onbuhimo Japanese baby carrier

A Japanese onbuhimo baby carrier has a smaller rectangle of fabric with padded ties angled out of the top corners and loops or rings on the bottom corners.

  • The ties go up over the mother’s shoulders,

  • down through the loops (which are under the baby’s legs),

  • each tie goes up over the mother’s breasts and through the opposite shoulder strap,

  • then they are tied in the middle over the upper chest
*Taken from:


Secara amnya, Meitai dan buckle tai tak banyak beza. Meitai mempunyai tali yang panjang yang digunakan untuk mengikat badan dan anak secara melilit manakala Buckle tai, tali yang panjang tersebut digantikan dengan strap pendek dan webbing (macam bag pack).
Onbuhimo pula bezanya ketara pada bahagian waist dimana, tali yg panjang digantikan dengan ring yang digunakan untuk memasukkan tali panjang bahagian shoulder strap dan kemudiannya diikat kemas.

2) Whats the different between buckle tai and SSC?
SSC dan buckle tai memang macam sama tapi perbezaan yg jelas adalah di bahagian waist. Dan pada pendapat peribadi saya juga, saya lebih sukakan buckle tai (maaf jika bias di sini) sebab tidak terlalu bulky (padded kawasan pinggang dan shoulder) dan lebih selesa untuk front carry berbanding jika menggunakan SSC.

Here photos* to compare:

Buckle tai:


*Photos courtesy from Google image.

3) Which is suitable for newborn (one week to three weeks)?
Mei tai adalah lebih sesuai untuk newborn kerana dengan mudah boleh meng-adjust kedudukan bayi dan sekaligus mengikat kemas supaya bayi lebih selesa. Namun begitu, secara peribadi, saya berpendapat ringslings adalah carrier yang terbaik untuk mendukung bayi newborn, sebab kedudukan bayi lebih snug dengan balutan seakan berada di dalam perut ibu.

Contoh gambar dari google:

Maaf, buat masa ini saya tidak menjual ringslings. Hanya fokus kepada meitai, buckle tai dan onbuhimo sahaja. Boleh rujuk JumpsacBaby, DeanaDesign, dan Mamapatch for local vendor selling ringslings :)

4) Which is suitable for toddle (one year old and above)?
OK, yang ni ikut preference sebanarnya. Meitai sesuai, Buckle tai sesuai, onbuhimo pun sesuai.
But since meitai kena ikat bertali-tali makanya ramai yang merasa agak remeh, espcially kaum lelaki memang tak begitu berminatla nak ikat2 ni kan, so alternatively bole pilih buckle tai. Onbuhimo memang utk bayi 4bulan dan keatas, sebab kaedah dukungannya hanya bole froggy leg position. Mei tai dan Buckle tai bole froggy leg position and fold position for newborn.

Ini gambaran bagaimana kaedah froggy leg position (taken from :

Beza pula dengan normal modern baby carrier, kaki bayi adalah 'tergantung' dan lekapan pada badan pembawa juga tidak ergonomik. Pembawa bole rasa sakit badan jika mendukung bayi dengan menggunakan carrier ini pada jangka masa yang lama.
Contoh gambar (dari
Although these carriers seem practical, they simply do not offer your baby sufficient support, especially on prolonged walks.

5) How to order?
Ok, ni soalan yang paling kerap. Bagaimana nak order. For time being, all of my carriers are made for order. Dulu ada buat ready stock but then dah habis tak re-stock lagi.. heheheh..

All announcements pertaining to customs, pre-orders, and in-stocks are posted at the Facebook fan page. So join me there:

I also will double post most things on this blog, but the Facebook group sees a lot more action.

However you can as well contact me via email :

But basically kalo nak order,
i) you can decide nak buat mt, bt atau onbu.
ii) chose kain kat my FB fabric library or you can use your own fabric, either way
iii) tag kat gamba kain tersebut (ni kira nak cop la)
iv) email me your request
v) I will need to know your size and also your baby size
vi) pay deposit (rm20) for confirmation
vii) i will take 10-15days to sew your carrier
viii) once your carrier dah siap, i'll contact you
ix) if payment done, the item will be posted to you strainght away via poslaju.
x) you'll received your carrier and i hope you'll happy. but if anything, get back to me, ok :)

6) Price?
For time being price as stated here:

Akan diubah dari masa ke masa bergantung kepada harga barang naik, harga currency etc. But worry not, I can assure that this year price will stick to the list.. Hehehehhe, macam berkempen plak statement tu.. :))

7) Can use own fabric?

Bole. 1 meter fabric untuk body panel, depan belakang including sleeping hood. But make sure kain adalah medium weight tak bole terlalu nipis dan kalo bole I prefer cotton-like. Sari ke apa ke, bukan tak nak tapi dia kan cepat tercarik, kang rabak naya jer.. Kang masuk balik saya dalam Metro tapi lain pulak ceritanya kali ni.. heheheh "touch wood!!!"

8) I'm new to this babywearing world but I love to wear my baby. Teach me how?
OK, instruction on how to wear NeezaNeedles Mei tai, Buckle tai dan Onbuhimo ada pada link FB ini.

Kalo tak bole bukak bole jengah my YouTube channel:

But kalo u betul2 masih hijau dalam arena babywearing ni, I strongly suggest u join our local Malaysia Babywearing Club at Banyak yang bole belajar kat sana. But hati-hati, buying carriers can be addicted jugak tau.. heheheh ;)

9) Can I breastfeed my baby in the carrier?
Ok, this is why I like the carrier, sebab bole bf secara discreet. Ni ada saya tunjukkan how:

10) Until what age can I carry my baby via NeezaNeedles carrier?

This is depends on you and your baby size. But I can said that the carrier can be used from 3kg up to 13kg.


OK, rasa nya tu jela kot. Hope this help. Kalo ada apa-apa email jer.. but since saya dah kerja mebe akan mengambil masa sikit nak siapkan carrier tu. Apa-apa pun, kita borak dalam email jela.. OK.


Rabu, 15 Jun 2011

Harian Metro today!!!

No.. this is not dejavu.. I don't know how to say, but Metro just loves me very much, they featured me again in their news.

Got get them, today, Or just click this link.

*Btw, today is my first day of working after a year on break and its seems like Allah swt had answered my prayer and just gave me the strength to face the future.. Alhamdullillah for everything today.. :D

Khamis, 9 Jun 2011

Tiered skirt pt2

I got Qs on how to estimate the length of the tiers, this is how I do it:

The measurement of each tiers can be concluded as number of tiers times the length of the first tier (nA).Note that this is only for one side. For full skirt you need to sew two sides.

The skirt is actually self draft and since I am using ruffler, estimation of the tiers length must be accurate or else, I ended up like this:

Terpaksa bertampung kain sebab salah percaturan.. Heheheheh.. (lucky the fabric is black so not that obvious.. huhuh)

Tiered skirt - for me and her

I'm going back to work next week, but the feeling wasn't there. So, in order to boost some excitement going back to work, I made meself a tiered round skirt.

And later after seeing my skirt, Zahra demanded one thus I continue sewing another skirt for her.

The skirts were made using the ruffler attachment, and its quite easy as I attached the back fabric and the fabric for ruffling in one go. So, sangat jimat masa.
This is how to use the ruffler attachment by making ruffle while attaching to the bodice.

Picture time - Me and the kids:

OK, the skirt done but the spirit still not there.. Should I make myself a new baju kurung now.. Erm..

Rabu, 8 Jun 2011

Buttonholer attachment

Ok, this is the continuous series of my presser feet collection.
The buttonholer attachment for industrial sewing machine

The foot physically is huge and heavy. The price that I bought was RM250 which for me is quite reasonable for its function. Further description about the foot, you can refer to here.

As usual, I made a simple video tutorial on how to attach the foot to the machine and how it works.

As my personal note, I like the buttonhole attachment as compare to the buttonhole stitch in domestic sewing machine:
1) easy to use eventho a bit hassle to install
2) can easily sew thick fabric

But one thing the domestic sewing machine win as they can automatically estimate the size of the hole.

OK, thats all. Happy Wednesday, people :)

Isnin, 6 Jun 2011


My little darling Hamza turns one today.. Begitu cepat masa berlalu..

And first thing in the morning, we went out to Persint 3 looking for Daycare centre somewhere near my office. Yup, I am going back to work. My one year maternity leave is about to end, very-very soon.. huhuhuh..

Kakak pun nak kena masuk sekolah jugak..