Ahad, 31 Julai 2011

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak..

Salaam Ramadhan Kareem to all.

I love Ramadhan, and this year, I hope to have the chance to fulfilled this month with ibadah.

Tips Memaksimakan Ramadhan anda:(taken from twitter islamicthought - follow them if you're on Twitter)
- Tahajjud is easy in #Ramadan. Just wake up 10-15 minutes early and pray before suhoor. After Ramadan, wake up 10-15m b4 Fajr n pray. #habits
- Make a plan for Ramadan. Deeds are multiplied, so every second counts. Practice making dhikr (from now) in your spare time: subhanallah etc.
- #Ramadan is really REALLY close. Start practising whatever extra deeds you want to do NOW, so there's no "ramp-up" time. Like reading #quran
- When you read Qur'an, read with translation and tafseer. Imagine it as if you're there, seeing it for yourself; then it will hit the hearts.
- Ramadan fast approaches...and the wise will prepare for it, whereas the heedless will remain lost in their frivolity.
- Welcome Ramadan with this dua of the Prophet SAW. "Allāhumma sallimnī liramadāna, Wasallim ramadāna Lī, Wa sallimhu lī mutaqabbalā." #islam

This is the right moment to change to be a better person!!! Yang lelaki boleh belajar berhenti merokok, yang wanita boleh mula memakai tudung dan menutup aurat dengan sempurna eg. tudung tutup dada, stokin jgn lupa.. *peringatan untuk diri sendiri juga..

Selamat Menyambut Bulan yang Penuh Keberkatan .. Moga Ramadhan kali ini menambahkan kecintaan kita kepada Allah swt.. :D

Khamis, 28 Julai 2011

Quilt cover

or quilt blanket or quilt thin mattress..

No.. jangan tertipu. Saya tak jahit quilt itu.. hehehe.. I just sandwiched the patched/quilted fabric with basting and another fabric and tah dah.. the quilt cover is done.

Well, panjang ceritanya how do I get the quilted fabric. So, as to make it short: I bought fabrics from a very well know online store however that particular stores did not send to Malaysia, fortunate enough to send to Singapore and by that I am using my friend address to order the fab fabby. The box of fabric safely arrived to her, and when she wanted to post them via pos Malaysia, the custom at the border opened the box for regular checking, and she later passed the box to her friend for posting, and her friend used the Kangaroo carrier to post them to me. When the box arrived, I got all my beautiful fabric accept for one, that been substituted with the above quilted fabric. So, I don't know what and where thing goes wrong but was so happy indeed to take the substituted fabric and turn it to quilt cover that I was long to make it.

And the kids so happy with the new 'tilam kecil'..
Hehehheee.. :))

Selasa, 26 Julai 2011

Mini buckle tai

or also known as Teddy Carrier.

Made this for customer and of course upon seeing one Zahra demanded for hers. So I made one using the Doraemon fabric.

Here is happy Zahra :)

Isnin, 25 Julai 2011

Baju Kurung .. Make it yourself!!!

Old post revisited due to request and since raya is just around the corner.. Enjoy the tutes guys :D


1) Jahit leher baju kurung / Sew baju kurung neck:
Well, basically sewing a baju kurung is very easy. Furthermore, there's a lot of tutorial on how to sew it. So, honestly said, I'm not going to explain the whole process on how to sew (its hard to sew and at the same time to snap pictures and such) BUT I am going to focus on how to sew the neck (as I think this is the most crucial part on making baju kurung).

My style might be different from yours, so if your style is much more easier (to sew), do share it here by leaving some comment. :-) Thank you.

OK, I think that's all. If time permit (insya Allah), I'll make a complete tutorial on how to sew baju kurung. Sorry for the imperfect partial tutorial.


2) Macamana nak potong kain untuk jahit baju kurung / How to cut the 4metre fabrics:

This is how I normally cut the 4meters fabric to be turned to baju kurung. This is basically my size. If you wanna make your own baju kurung, the best way is to refer to a finished baju kurung, measure it by making 1/2inch extra for serging and seam allowance.


3) Baju kurung - Langkah demi langkah / Step by step (Video tutorial)

After being procrastinated for a while, I finally came out with this tutorial on how to make baju kurung, kids baju kurung to be exact and the tutorial kinda different as this would be my debut video tutorial as well. Hehehehe...

So, since this is the first, please excuse the out of focus image and also my mumbling voice. And, btw, the tutorial was recorded in Bahasa Melayu.

Before we jump to the video tutorial, for introduction, the tute was basically for making 2yo sized baju kurung. The measurement as in below:
1. Badan : 11 x 40 inch
2. Lengan: 11 x 11 inch
3. Kekek: 4 x 4 inch
4. Pesak: 4 x 16 inch
5. Kain : 23 x 55 inch

The footage is quite long, so I divided them into 3 part: Part 1- how to put together the kekek to pesak to lengan. Part 2 - putting the Part1 to the badan and how to sew the neck, and final Part 3 is how to sew the kain sarung.

Oh ya, this is also based on my style of sewing baju kurung. If yours is different and pretty much easier, feel free to share your tips on the comment box below :D

Enjoy the tute guys :)

Part 1- how to put together the kekek to pesak to lengan.

Part 2 - putting the Part1 to the badan and how to sew the neck.

Part 3 - how to sew the sarung.

I might be continued with the video tutorial on how to make sarung for adult, but that would be later ok.


*Teknik langkah demi langkah menjahit baju kurung (kanak-kanak) - video tutorial


OK, Hopefully you can make your own / kids baju kurung for this Raya :D..
Thanks for dropping by the blog and leave some comments..

Sabtu, 23 Julai 2011

Mei tai to Buckle tai

Before (K*zy Meitai):

After (K*zy + NeezaNeedles touch):

Another service provided by NeezaNeedles. :)

Rabu, 20 Julai 2011

Welcome to my new office

Since I'm going to work here permanently, makanya telah mengubahsuai kedudukan meja dan mesin, to gain the right aura so that it become the most comfortable and conducive environment for me to create and design.

Previously the room look like this:

And after a very hard work, it look like this:

So, I bought a new almari, and rearrange the room and it become like this:
The machines (still got my nice view):

There's table for me to draw the pattern, cut the fabric and also for ironing.

And here's the new shelves. Cuba teka apa yang 'disimpan' atas almari tu?

OK, thats all a little tour around my new sewing laboratory.. Look nice eh? but not until the experiments is going on.. Gagagagaaa..

Selasa, 19 Julai 2011

17Julai2005 - 19Julai2011

6 tahun. Satu rekod bagi diri sendiri, sebabnya after grad 2002 I've been job hopping from here to another (I've been working at 5ive different company before settling with kkm)- honestly not because of the salary but more on searching the one that suit with me which I can said the best work place is at the poultry farm, as I 'owned' the lab - aku la yang buat sampling, prepare medium, doing testing and finally cleaning all the apparatus. Even kerja dari kuli sampai ke boss adalah aku but I like as kerja memang kerja tak de masa nak duduk termenung main internet and the environment pun best.

Maka today is the last day. Last week perasaan agak berkecamuk.. 'betul ke? betul ke?' But as this week settling all the urusan, naik turun tangga, berulang dari Presint3 ke E7, I was very sure with the fact that I am ditching the company. Tapi still sedih, and of course I broke into tears.

Thanks to all of you: Liza, Ira, Suzie, SCLover, SewLove, Lynn, Marie, Fiza, Kak Arin, Mai, Joanna, Zura, Izan, Nannoor, Emma, Kak Wawa, MamaZara, Alviana, dan Kak Mila.. atas ucapan penguat semangat di entry yang lepas.

And I know, some would say (most of the 'real life' person): "sayang nye la..." .. Erm, bukan menolak rezeki, but I trust and believe that there is something beneficial that I can contribute as a person, insyaAllah.

And I also sure that life gonna be a lil bit tough. Wish me all the Best, guys..

Me and my love..

Isnin, 18 Julai 2011

Needle plate and feed dog (s)

OK, besides the presser foot, I also 'collected' some of the unusual needle plate and feed dog. Sewing thick stuff is not as easy as it look. So, I need to use the right tool in order to ease my work and also to maintain the life span of the machine. Mesin kalau rosak, pening kepala woo...

So, here is the different needle plate and feed dog that I use to help me sewing.

The normal one:

Heavy duty:

Extra wide:

Both heavy duty and extra wide was bought from eBay.

Jumaat, 15 Julai 2011

Introducing MERAK..

Previously known as the NeezaNeedles Buckle Tai version 2 :D

So heres some description on the new buckle tai- MERAK, together on how to wear the carrier : Front carry and Back carry.


So, officially the carrier is open for order. :D

After doing some calculation, I have to slightly increase the price of the carrier (as I have to take an account of the addition of the sleeping hood).
This is the new price:
RM180 – Local fabric
RM195 – Imported fabric
RM150 – Own fabric

RM5 higher than the previous stated price. But here's the good news. Order now, till end of this month you will get the old price. But the bad news is: the list of people who has been confirmed to order this Merak buckle tai is reaching the ceiling. Here's the list:
1. Shannen
2. Liyana
3. Hasna
4. Fathiyah
5. Jilut
6. Eina
7. Nedia
8. Rabiah
9. Noni
10. Niza rosniza
11. Syeema
12. Zaza
13. Aisya
14. Nisya
15. Cnoel

.. Pheeww.. *lap peluh..
Up till 20 names will confirmed to get their carrier before Raya. The name after 20, have to slightly wait (u still get the old price however). So book your slot NOW, to get the old price and to bergaya sakan with new carrier during raya :))

Order now. Details in Facebook. Everything in Facebook. Dont have one? Create an account. Go to my page NeezaNeedles and you can choose fabrics, delicious fabric for me to make you a meitai, onbuhimo or buckle tai..

C ya in www.fb.com/neezaneedles :)))