Jumaat, 31 Disember 2010

NeezaNeedles new products - Mei Tai

This is my remarkable post to end my 2010.. gagagaga
-- End it with style, bebeh (shake ur bumbum).. Hihihi..


I love babywearing. Yes, been saying it over and over again. And right now I am totally in love with my meitai. Easy to wear, comfortable, and can discreetly nurse in public, yo! :D

Due to my ultimate crush towards meitai, I strongly believe that I can spread the love, meitai-love to be exact. It such a good thing, great invention and it's good to share the with mothers out there and therefore, I introduced my new product: NeezaNeedles Mei-Tai. Sewn with lots of love with such an affordable price. Yes you heard it right. Its in good quality and affordable. :)

A. NN:mt Blackflora

Status: SOLD

B. NN:mt Aeroplane

Status: Sold

Product description details:
Shoulder strap length 93″
Shoulder strap width 4″
Waist strap length 84″
Waist strap width 3 1/2″
Body height 16″ (excluding waist strap)
body width 15 1/2″

Price : RM110 (include shipping)



Isnin, 27 Disember 2010

Sew busy..

I made baju kurung sekolahs, which obviously not for my daughter, yet, but I foresee myself making this a lot again in the next 4 years. Can't wait for that time to come :)

Parents went to Singapore last week and I took the advantaged asking them to make a visit to the Spotlight, Plaza Singapura, and buying me that knit cotton fabrics. And since salaryless, I can afford to give them SgD60 and managed to have 4 meter of that desired plain cotton knit fabric that I planned to make Tudung Syria for yours truly and a pedal stay mat. Will talk more about the pedal stay mat later.

I went to the Kamdar, Putrajaya the other day, and despite of having 4 different color of knit cotton tshirt-like fabrics, I bought another 6 different color of knit-jersey fabrics- RM3 per meter and I just can't resist that. Hahaha.. I'm being greedy, I know.

And remember about the Sew Swap that I joined, well, I felt guilty for joining such activity and yet having pile of to-sew-work which makes me having a little time to come out with a special thing for my partner. However, since I wanted to make something that is very different with what I usually made, I dig every single tutorial from my chinese books and ta-da..

I made a wallet. Not a very neat one though, as this is the very first time I made such item and I hope Syaz will like it. Fabric was bought from Sue MyBotang btw.

OK, that's all for this time. Will update more if time permit. Happy day, reader :)

Jumaat, 17 Disember 2010

Tudung Syria.. again


First of all, I am not selling those hijabs, but just a little camwhoring as I sewn them, both the outer and inner. Unfortunately it's not mine either.. erm.. how I wish..

The fabrics are light knit cotton which very flowy and hanging nicely on my head.

I mentioned earlier that I am now have fully converted to Syria hijabi, but still, still I prefer dark color tudung. I guess I am not bold enough for bright color tudung like the above pictures.

I hope my friend (the owner of the tudungs) will like them all. And thanks for giving me permission to take some pictures with them.

And you guys, Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend..

Rabu, 15 Disember 2010

Vintage tricycle

Flipping tru our (hubby and I) old pictures, I found a picture that we have in common - playing with tricycle.

This is hubby with her sis (my sil, of course):

And this is me and my sis. Pardon the look (hehehe...). We tried to be as creative as we can by turning the tricycle upside down.

Recently, we went back kampong, and I was amazed to bump into the same but new tricycle owned by the kids' cousin. Since the tricycle is quite rare nowadays, I took some photos of my kids with the tricycle.

So that, down the memory lane, the kids can show the same picture (like me and hubs) in the tricycle to my grandchildrens. InsyaAllah..

Now I miss kampung already..

Clothing woven label

If you followed my Facebook Like-page, you'll notice my new 'gud-looking' avatar. Its a bunch of my new woven labels.

I received a lot of email asking me where I made those labels. Well, I made those in Kajang. This is the company info:
Style Labels Sdn. Bhd.
No. 35, Jalan Asa 7, Taman Asa Jaya, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Email: stylelabels@hotmail.com

And my price that they're quoted is rm250 for 100 dozens. I don't know whether mine is cheap or expensive as I don't make any market survey. I just googled and the above company link pop out and since its quite near to my place, I chose them.

I hope this infos help for those who's asking.


Ahad, 12 Disember 2010

No more bad hair day

This is him. During his bad hair day.

Hihihi.. cute, no?

His hair is so thick and I know he is kinda irritated with his own hair. So, we decided to chop chop his hair.




Blur but calm..


Surprise.. surprise..

Hahahah.. hopefully I'm still handsome..

Little update on Hamza:
1. Celebrated 6m young last 6Dis
2. Can turn around and crawl to front
3. Still in breastmilk diet, ummi too lazy to prepare food (hahah)


Isnin, 6 Disember 2010

Joining the club..

For the Sew & Share Crafty Swap activity organized by Zura.

Can't wait to know who will be my lucky swapper.. hehehehe..

Guys (Malaysian) fell free to join the activity as it is so simple: just sew anything and post it to your lucky reserver. For details, feel free to have a peek on Zura's blog.


Ahad, 5 Disember 2010

Very simple (and easy to make) zipper pencil case

OK, while making the pencil cases for donation, I made a step by step tutorial on how to make one. At first I want to make video tutorial, but the background was in big mess it is so disturbing, so I passed. Maybe later with some other project I'll make a simple video tutorial (don't know when, though.. hehehe). But anyway, back to the tutorial, this is what you need:

A zipper (I am using 8inch size),
2 piece of fabrics (A and B) in the same size (here is 8 x 5.5 inch) and,
another small piece of the same fabric (C) sizing 8 x 2 inch.

1) Fold a bit of the seam of fabric A and C, and iron it to fix the seam.

2) Sew the fabric to the zipper

3) You'll have this look after both fabric A and C sewn to the zipper.

4) Sew the end of the zipper. This is to make sure that the zipper trail is in balance (so that the zipper-teeth will not mismatch). Here, I sewn it with my label.

5) Then, with the right side is inside (and the wrong side is outside), pair the fabric A+C with B. Carefully sew the margin,

6) and lastly neat the end seam with serge.

7) Overturn it and you have made a pencil case.

8) You can use different size of zipper to variate the look of your pencil case.

Now, you know how to make it, go and find a zipper and some fabrics and make one. Make more so that you can donate it to the Back-to-School charity project as well. Happy trying :)

Jumaat, 3 Disember 2010

Little tokens for the orphans

I guess everyone in this same niche has heard about the Back to School charity project organized by Pondok Craft. I am contributing, YES, I am. Even not that much but I hope what I've made bring joy to the kids.

Sewn with love by Neeza:

A dozen of pencil cases and a dozen of mini crayon rolls.
Special thanks to Munirah for providing those lovely fabrics.

Hey, there's still time if you want to make something for the orphans. Click this link for details. They need lots of Back-to-School items to distribute to quite number of orphanages.

Ok, happy weekend everyone. Cheers!