Sabtu, 31 Julai 2010

Hot convo-day

Us, while waiting for Aunty Sya to come out from the hall. We waited like 2hrs or more. Huhuh..

Since its a hot day, this little girl kept on insisting wanted to go home. She was confused why we have to stand in the hot place with crowded people.

Very lucky, my little guy behave and slept like a log.

To kill the time, we jalan-jalan at the bazaar.

Kids with their fav aunty, Congratulation Sya:

Jumaat, 30 Julai 2010

Preparation for convocation

Yeah, we going for convocation tomorrow. No, not mine. I had mine like 8years ago (gosh, I am seriously o.l.d.). This time around is my little sista.
To Sya: Happy Graduation. All the hardwork paid, right.. So, now I supposed to address you as an accountant, eh? Hihihihi...

Since I am quite excited to go to the ceremony (even I can't allowed to enter the hall due to no official invitation) I made a new summer tops with matching pants for Zahra, with a color match hat because I know its going to be very hot there in MMU.

Fabric for apparel was bought from Zura-LovemeLots, while for hat was bought from Sue, My Botang. And sewing using designer fabric is so satisfactory. Heheheh.. Action picha, wait till tomorrow, ok..

Btw, to reminisce, this is me, during my post-grad convocation in UiTM, 3years ago. Zahra was just 45days old at that particular time. Hehehe...


Rabu, 28 Julai 2010


I went to Kamdar and bought fabrics like there is no tomorrow.

I went to Kharysma and wanted to buy every single item that they’re selling.

Well, I guess I am focusing real hard that this month will be the last month I am having my monthly salary. Hahahah..

Selasa, 27 Julai 2010

Happy Fatnin

The dress is a little bit tight at the sleeves, according to her mom but the rest is an a okey. This is happy Fatnin in her new dress/little jubah.

Thanks for ordering Ito. :D

Isnin, 26 Julai 2010

Fluffy mail from Japan..

Yeay, I received the stuff that I bought from Sue, MyBotang.
You must been wondering what is it, no? Hehehe..

Whateva, I still wanna showing off ;) -

I bought Fat-q(s) and books..

Thank you Sue. I love them all.

OK, that's all. Happy Monday :)

Ahad, 25 Julai 2010

Weekend rambling

I love weekend. Who don't? Well, since becoming sahm, I wish everyday is weekend so that hubs will be at home and give me a helping hand with the kids. Hehehe.. Naah,I'm not complaining but telling the truth I have to juggling to do everything (managing the kids, keeping the house clean, managing the kids, cooking, sewing, playground every evening, managing the kids) until the only me-time is the time for me to pump my milk. Theheehe..

Well, enough with all the whining, these are what I've sewed for last week. I only sew during weekdays, since weekend is family-day (so, absolute no activity in the studio during weekends). Not much tho, as last week is quite 'huru-hara' week with me having mild fever (I was this close to having the mastitis) and the serger making a very weird sound (Alhamdulillah, it stop after a while- however, very scary indeed).

Anther mini jubah:


Few kid baju kurung(s):

OK, that's all. Another weekdays approaching very soon and I hope to be very productive this coming weekdays. You too enjoy your day, yah..

Jumaat, 23 Julai 2010

Lousy Tops

I've been doing some spring clean on Zahra wardrobe and I found this: a lousy tops.



As far as I remembered. She never had any chances to wear the tops: first, because it is quite big and second, it is lousy and ugly. Yup, this is one of my first project simply using my own imagination without any referral nor pattern. Using old baju kurung fabric. Very eww stitching as I made this in less than 30minutes.

I was about to throw this away, later hesitate as I think I can make use of this lousy top as:

a covertops for Zahra when she's doing her painting activity.

Yeay! Now, everybody is happy..

Rabu, 21 Julai 2010

Travelling SNUGG BUGG: MeiTai

Another entry related to me and babywearing.

This is a baby size meitai. From te name itself, the carrier obviously own and sewn by Liza, owner of The She made this carrier for her upcoming newborn but very kind enough to let the carrier travel to other mom before she can make full use of it. If you're not familiar with the term traveling, you can read the procedures on about and how, here.

This is my first time using a meitai. I never own one (but I made my own Onbu), and was kinda worried to use it with baby Hamza- fear on the safety of my baby. However, I did tried several times at home and later am brave enough to wear it outside the house and in longer time. Since this is the first time, my comment: ok la wearing MT, but I prefer ringslings and wrap more. But who knows, one day I'll be hit by the MT bug.

So, these are few of my pictures using the meitai.

A secret revealed. All pictures were taken by.. (look at the shadow on the below picture) tripod. Hehehehe.. Its hard to find someone that can help you to snap when you're outside at the playground. Big people busy playing soccer and I am not dependable on kids to snap my photos. Btw, do I look good? *wink*

Close-up. Hamza (45days old) sleeping like a baby in the carrier (oh well, he is a baby.. hahah). Little kid on the background is Zahra: happily playing with rocks, sticks and dirt.

Ahad, 18 Julai 2010

I just doesn't wanna miss a thing

Looking at the above picture, I still can't believe that I am a mother of two. I am indeed happy to be one thus, decided to giving up my job for a year. Yup, I'm taking a year unpaid leave just to be home with my kids. And guess what, they approved my application. I know, life would be pretty tight (without the monthly pay) but I am positively thinking that I'll survive. InsyaAllah..

*picture taken yesterday as we went for a friend wedding reception. Btw, I'm done with my 40 days confinement period. Yippie..

Jumaat, 16 Julai 2010

Accidently Fabrics

Because I didn't plan to buy any. But somehow I ended up with these:

Bought from Zura Lovemelots store as I happen to go to her house this morning, to accompany a friend who is the actual buyer and it seems that I've been possessed when seeing all her stash and couldn't help myself but to buy some. Hehehehe..

Isnin, 12 Julai 2010

A little jubah dress and a new home..

A dress or a little jubah for Fatnin. Fabric used was sari and it really hard to sew as the threads easily coming out even after sergered the edges. I hope the dress fit Fatnin well because when the threads came out I have to 'makan' the baju a bit.

In another story, the freezer was totally full with my milk and they have to have a new home.

So, we bought a new chest freezer. There goes my budget to buy me a Nano.. erm..

OK, thats all. Happy Monday.

Jumaat, 9 Julai 2010

Batik Maternity long dress

I think I am good in imitation. Hahaha…
The one I sewed vs. the original dress:

Now the question: sapa punya angkat tangan.. heheheh..

OK, thats all. Happy weekend everybody..

Khamis, 8 Julai 2010

First hat

I like watching the local reality tv show. Named it akademi fantasia, oiam, project runaway (why la only one season.. discontinued?), gadis melayu, mentor and now am watching Keynote. Surprisingly, one of my favorite bloggers is one of the contestants.

The blogger mentioned is FynnJamal: and this is her blog link. Ok, now you know that I am a poetic person (weird isn’t it: for someone who is a microbiologist). Hihihih..

And if you watch the show (keynote), you’ll noticed that she wears this cool rapper hat. I like that hat. So, I made one: for me obviously..

*I used the knit cotton fabric bought recently.

And since this is my very first time making hat, I need to have referral, and lucky to stumble upon the pattern in one of my Cotton Friend magazines.

Modelling me.. Still fat, tho... hahahahaha... (feeling ala jap model.. Kasi can okey)..

Ok, that’s all for my tea break. Needs to get back to real sewing. Chiow..