Selasa, 30 Ogos 2011

Eid Mubarak :)

From the team of NeezaNeedles :) .. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Enjoy ur Raya people..

Khamis, 25 Ogos 2011

Kids baju Raya..

One thing that I like about Raya is I found the perfect reason to make cloths for my kids. Basically I seldom buy them baju as I don't see the point of having too much baju in the closet (one of the reason why I having the de-cluttering Giveaway very recent as I, myself, don't see the point why I have to have so much baju yet went going out, I wear the baju that I like to wear.)

So, like last year, I was happy that I managed to sew them some bajus. I would love to make this an annual occasion (sew them baju every Raya) so that when they grow up, they will have the memory of "Ummi jahit baju raya kami setiap tahun".. Ngee..

Ok, this year, I just bought two tops for both Hamza and Zahra.

And sew them,

A pants for Hamza, and a skirt for Zahra:

and an identical pants for both of them.

As for baju jalan, I managed to sew 2 dress for Zahra:

1) the ruffles dress just like I sewed for her previous dress (using the ruffler attachment):

Buttons at back:

*fabric was bought from Ira BerryBerryTomodachi

2) Racerback summer dress using knit cotton fabric (sama mcm baju dia tahun lepas) using pattern from Leah Ikatbag:

At the back (racerback)

And a romper for Hamza:

*using knit cotton fabric bought eons ago at Spotlight, Singapore.

That's all for their baju raya.. yang penting its made with lotsa lotsa LOVE!!!


Rabu, 24 Ogos 2011

The ad hoc decluttering giveaway

I did some cleaning up yesterday, and noticed that there's few (a lot actually) baju thats in my closet that comfortably sitting there collecting dust, and therefore I decided to let it go, and come out with this idea of giving it to my 'fan' via the NeezaNeedles FB fanpage.

Kalo nak bagi kat orang mestilah bagi yang terbaik kan, so I chose the best 3 baju kurungs to be grabbed by 3 lucky ones. Ingat sebab baju tu adalah my baju people will not have an interested but my, I was wrong, within 10min up kan gambo terus the baju sudah ada new owners.

Congrats to the 3 lucky person. I might do this again. Mebe giving away craft/sewing books or notions via my Facebook fanpage. "Like" the page so that you wont miss the fun.. Heheheee...


Our baju Raya

Before entering Ramadhan, I made my own pledged that all orders must settled by 20th August/Ramadhan as I need the last 10days, for making my own stuff, cleaning the house and of course a moment with me and Allah swt. Alhamdullilah, I cant stop to thank Him, that I was healthy throughout this year Ramadhan (I normally felt sick in Ramadhan: fever, food-poisoning and such) and was really determined to finish all the supposedly be done orders (last year was kinda last minutes, ada masa dok main internet saja.. hehehe).

I am so glad that this year. I managed to sew again baju raya for the kids, just like last years (Zahra and Hamza so cute.. too cute!). At first I planned to sew baju raya only for the kids while me and hubby will just use our baju nikah, but hubby refused as he said the baju melayu kinda fancy kilat-kilat (the color is silver metallic) and it looks big on him (its either the baju became loose or he shrink after married with seldom-cook-me.. hahaha), and he said that he wanted to wear jubah. So, it gave me an idea, like why not we as a family wear jubah for raya. Furthermore, I am no longer working so making a baju kurung is like a waste as it will be use only when there's a function and yet I have a wardrobe of baju kurungsss.

So, this is our baju raya:

Mine. A simple front buttons jubah (easier to breastfeed my son). I made it a little bit bigger as I plan to wear a casual baju in the jubah and yes, it is also suitable to be converted as maternity dress if I happen to get pregnant next year.. hihihih.. And ya I know, it does look like a night-gown.. hahaha..

Zahra. This is dwi-function: can be a jubah and also a long dress. Worn with matching long pants.

Hamza. Cute little mini jubah also worn with matching pants.

Ok, thats all. I having an ad hoc decluttering-giveaway in my Facebook Fanpage. Do "LIKE" the page if you wanna win the baju kurungs. Ya, I am giving away baju kurungsss. :)

Have a nice day ahead ...

Selasa, 23 Ogos 2011

The Aftermath

Alhamdulillah, the three of us is safe and sound. So, what I did the whole day today is to clean up the big mess. Ya Allah, so penat as the ashes were scattered all over the house. At first, I don't even know where and how to start. The kids kept on bugging which later made them look like the coal mine workers- berarang satu muka, especially on their feet (mine too). So, I have to wait till their nap time to start to clean the mess.

So, this is how it looks after a little bit of cleaning up.

I moved the (heavy!!!) refrigerator to the small room downstairs as other wall sockets at the kitchen cannot be used, and threw away the tikar Sarawak (x pe next time we balik kampung buy a new one). Clean piece by piece wall tiles (at the kitchen) and later wash the floor. Mopping the living room floor and changed the curtains and pillow cases. And by afternoon, I surrendered by calling the cleaning service and yeay, they'll come tomorrow night insya-Allah.

Actually, I want to share you few tips on how to handle similar situation:

1. Keep usable torchlight at safe reachable place.

2. Make sure your mobile phone is fully recharge. As in my case, later in the afternoon I have to go to my neighbor house to charge my phone as its went flat (after few calls from the family members, twittering with friends and whatnot).

3. Know and be kind with your neighbor. They are the closest 'family members'.

4. To clean ashes, the easiest way is to use baby wipes cos they contain a little bit of alcohol and it trapped carbon real well rather than wipes (the ashes) with damp cloth+water.

And of course, I cant stop being grateful to Allah swt for all the causes:

1. It happened this week rather than next week.

2. It happened at day time rather than at night.

3. It happened when we're around rather than we're out.

4. It happened when I've done with the orders rather than the orders are piling.

Alhamdullilah ya Rabb..

And as I am in the mood of cleaning up the house, I finally finished folding all the 3 weeks wash-clothes. Yeay.. Now, can't hardly wait for hubby to get home. I demand a good, a very good back massage.. Heheheheee...

Isnin, 22 Ogos 2011


It happen at noon. Our house was this close, I repeat, this close to be burnt by fire.

Scary, absolutely.

The kids and I was in the bathroom, taking our morning shower (at 12pm I know). We spent like 10-15 minutes in the bathroom, and when we're done, I was the first one to go out, and was so shock to smell something burning. Berlari terus ke bilik jahit (sebab sebelum mandi tu tengah menjahit) as I worried if I forgot to turn off the iron, and was like 'eh, tak de apa-apa pun', later to realize the fire came from downstairs. Gelap.. Gelap sgt nk trun tangga pun takut. I kept the kids in bathroom and told Zahra to play somemore.. Gegas-gegas carik torchlight, then turun tangga and I saw the fire came from the kitchen. I was so worried if the whole kitchen was on fire, so naik balik and I told Zahra, Ummi nak air, and she hand me a small bucket of water and I run downstairs, cuak-cuak air kat api tu, luckily they turn out. Alhamdullillah everything was under control. Later after I checked everything is ok, called hubby and broke into tears. The kids cried too (as they see their mommy crying).

Guys, take care ya. I think the fire was caused by short circuit as at that particular time, guruh adalah sabung menyabung di luar. And Syukur Ya Allah, this happened today, if it happen next week, I dunno what to say.

One thing I learnt was asap memang sangat tebal.. sangat-sangat tebal sampai nk nafas pun susah.. Now I know, biasa kalo rumah terbakar people died because they cant breath not because they were burnt by fire.. Alhamdullilah. Alhamdullilah. Terima kasih Allah,we survived.. semua adalah selamat...

Sabtu, 20 Ogos 2011

All done :))

Alhamdullillah, dengan kekuatan fizikal dan mental rasanya kesemua order yang dijanjikan sebelum raya telah berjaya disiapkan dan telah pun selamat dihantar kepada owner, with by that I've made ~15carriers within this month only. Fuhh..

Thank you very much to each and everyone of you who has support me, put trust and patiently waiting to get your carrier.

Mini buckle tai (teddy carrier)

NeezaNeedles Mei tai:

Merak buckle tai (s):

I am now taking a little break on making carriers; time to make my kids and yours truly baju raya.. :D

BTW, anyone of you has made baju kurung using my tutorial? Ok tak (the tutorial instruction and your baju)? Feel free to share the picture/blog link here in this page.. Saya nak gak tengok hasil jahitan anda semua :)))

Rabu, 17 Ogos 2011


Wah.. lama blog terbiar tanpa update. Kinda busy making carriers, sikit je lagi tinggal (for August orders) after that I can start sewing our own baju raya. So guys how your puasa? Hopefully ok as mine. Alhamdulillah, I can said that this Ramadhan is quite a relax Ramadhan for me (compared to last year) as I still have time to go to Surau for Tarawikh, reading the Quran and manage to keep up with orders. Last year was, erm, I dont know how to say.. teruk sangat!!! Dengan tak tarawikh jemaah langsung (Hamza was a baby however) and one of my customer didn't get her baju kurung raya as I forgot to sew hers. Luckily she's ok with that.. <-- terukkan!!!

Ok, not much with update actually. It just that I was searching about something that I wrote in my previous personal blog (which by now closed already (due to too lazy to write)), and bumped into this post that I wrote in 2009. Very funny as sometimes what we wrote can actually become reality:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Awal tahun hari tu dah buat dah satu, but since masuk pertengahan tahun biasanya orang buat mid-year review, so I'd like to make a new wishlist.. heheh..

Pertama: Saya mahu new mesin jahit - yang lebih canggih, yang bole jahit butang dan buat embroidery. Simple embroidery pun dah memadai, tak perlu macam Jenome atau Singer Futura (yang mahai nak mampuih). Saya opt for Brother.

Kedua: Dah ada mesin jahit, saya nak buku menjahit baju, yang lengkap dengan patern. Saya bole jahit baju kurung secara amatur, jadi dengan ilmu jahitan yang yelek, saya perlukan buku untuk guide saya menjahit dress dan pakaian wanita yang lain.

Ketiga: Untuk memudahkan saya menjahit, saya nak dress form. Saya dah call some of d kedai yang dekat off Jalan Kenanga, area Pudu, harga diorang quote kat saya RM300 (ada kedai yang saya call bagi harga RM500.. kawe bole pengsan..).

Keempat: Apabila semua wishlist di atas telah lengkap, dengan rela hati saya nak meresignkan diri sendiri daripada menjadi seorang mikrobiologist dan menjadi tukang jahit sepenuh masa.. hahahahaha *evil laugh*...

Abang, amacam.. bole tak? *kelip-kelipkan mata*

Quote semula:

Apabila semua wishlist di atas telah lengkap, dengan rela hati saya nak meresignkan diri sendiri daripada menjadi seorang mikrobiologist dan menjadi tukang jahit sepenuh masa.. hahahahaha *evil laugh*...

Hahah.. funny isn't it?

Salam Nuzul Quran to all :)