Isnin, 28 November 2011


Little thing that steal the kids attention..

The big huge (not to forget- smelly) loud mobile machine - the garbage lorry.

Keep Calm & ...

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ps: pagi tadi masa amik wudhu jatuh terduduk dalam bilik air. I cant remember what is in my mind, suddenly dah terduduk jatuh. Alhamdulillah, jatuh terduduk (the 'cushion' can support tha fall better rather than jatuh on my knee..) huhuhu..

Sabtu, 26 November 2011

Hijab - my story..

I feel like sharing this story with you guys..

Macam Wardina cakap, (from Ini Kisahku), after balik umrah, dia rasa dia dah berubah.. tapi orang still offer cerita dengan watak yang 'tak sesuai' so she decided to wear tudung as highlighted to people that she's changed and please respect her decision.

Tudung ni hikmah nya tinggi - mengangkat mertabat wanita. So, bertudung la menepati syariah..

And just like I wrote in previous post, nak berubah tu susah.. tapi nak maintain lagi susah.. Hijrah itu jihad..

ps: baru nak reply komen sbb all these while dok blogging via eml so tak bukak .. Thanks for dropping by and left some point of view :)

Salam Maal Hijrah

"Di saat mendapat tawaran bermain, kita memilih beribadah, itu adalah jihad.. Di saat sedih, kita memilih membaca al-Qur'an daripada mendengar muzik, itu adalah jihad.. Di saat marah, kita memilih bersabar daripada mengamuk, itu juga jihad.. Jihad ertinya mengerahkan seluruh kemampuan iaitu kemampuan mendapatkan yang dicintai Allah swt dan menolak yg dibenci Allah swt" - Ibnu Taimiyah

Hijrah itu jihad. Bad habit die hard.. Maka kita Hijrah. Susah.. But maintaining the momentum is way lot difficult. 
Only those with perseverance and hardship will success.

Wishing all Muslims around the world, a very blessed Awal Muharam 1433H Salaam Maal Hijrah! ♡ 
May the coming year will turn us to be a better Muslim. InsyaAllah.. :) 

We live in the world of consumerism

Something worth reading. Like!!!


Piles of Stuff: A Reflection on Consumerism
Posted by Amatullah • March 30th, 2011 •
I went straight to my room after returning from my uncle's janazah (funeral prayer). He died from Leukemia and just returned from umrah a few weeks before his death. Upon entering my room, the thought that he was being placed into the ground and the men covering him with dirt was so heavy. I thought of how much he helped others whenever he could, whether financially or psychically. I thought of how he would drive my mom every Saturday for nearly an hour to take her to a Qur'an class in a different city because she was scared to drive for such a long distance at night time. He would drive around in his bright blue hatchback from 1995, even though he was more than able to afford a newer shinier car, because he thought it was a waste of money. I thought of his small apartment and his belongings and who would sort through his things. I then started to look around my room, books here, clothes there, CDs on that side and packages on the other.
I couldn't hold back the tears.
I finally understood Surah At-Takathur:
أَلْهَاكُمُ التَّكَاثُرُ
The mutual rivalry for piling up of worldly things diverts you,
حَتَّىٰ زُرْتُمُ الْمَقَابِر
Until you visit the graves (i.e. till you die).
This was nearly four years ago. I didn't realize how many useless things I had until a loved one moved on to the next life and left behind all of his belongings. I thought of my useless belongings and who would go through them after my death.
We live in a word of consumption. We are consumed with consumerism – constantly buying and buying – to the point where we run out of space in our homes for everything we buy. We are transfixed when we see a store that has "BLOWOUT SALE!" written in its window. We can't help but line up in the freezing cold for that newer model, telling ourselves that we can't be seen with last year's model. We swipe and swipe until our cards are worn out. We compete with friends and family to see who can buy the shinier and fancier product first.
For what? For stuff.
The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said, "Ruined is the slave of the dinar, dirham, and fancy clothes of velvet and silk! If he is given, he is pleased, and if he is not given, he is displeased." (Bukhari) Who is a slave? A slave is someone who is bound by his master. He must answer to his master when he calls, and he spends his time in servitude to him. Similarly, the slave of money constantly has money on their mind. They think of ways to get more of it while they spend and spend. The slave of money always wants more, and he cannot bear it when he does not receive it. It runs their life, and it is their first priority. The Prophet (alayhi salaatu wa sallam) says this person is ruined because he will never be able to be thankful for what he has. Allah says,
وَكَانَ الْإِنسَانُ كَفُورًا
And man is ever ungrateful. (17:67)
This cycle of consumerism has turned us into slaves of Dollar Bill, while we should only be slaves to Allah (The Most High). Our servitude belongs only to Him. This worldly life is not meant for us to fill our homes with stuff. We should be using this life to come closer to Allah and not to be diverted from Him. Just as a slave is exhausted from his labor, our constant consumerism tires us. We are consumed with consuming. We are tired. Even if we may not spend constantly, we still own too many things, most of which we cannot even remember purchasing. Piles and piles just lying around.
Allah 'azza wa jal reminds us in the Qur'an,
إِنَّمَا هَذِهِ الْحَيَاةُ الدُّنْيَا مَتَاعٌ وَإِنَّ الْآخِرَةَ هِيَ دَارُ الْقَرَارِ
This worldly life is only [temporary] enjoyment, and indeed, the Hereafter – that is the home of [permanent] settlement. (40:39)
These possessions that we hoard may be our safety net and our "cool" factor in this life, but the reality will come after we die. These things that we worked so hard for, saved up our salaries for, and stood in line for don't really belong to us. They cannot keep us company in our graves, rather they will be taken by other people. The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said, "Three things follow a dead man, two of which will return and one will remain with him. His family, his property and his deeds follow him but his family and property return, while his deeds remain with him." [Bukhari]
It will be hard for us to break free of the shackles of Dollar Bill because it is the nature of humans to always want and want. The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) tells us, "If the son of Adam had money equal to a valley, then he will wish for another similar to it, for nothing can satisfy the eye of Adam's son except dust." [Bukhari]
This is how we were created. We will always look to what people have around us and desire it for ourselves. We will slowly walk past that store, and gaze longingly into all that shiny-ness. It is not impossible though to remove ourselves from it. Allah does not burden anyone beyond what they cannot bear. When we taste the sweetness of freedom after slavery, we will see how much it was weighing us down.
We find our best example in the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam). He was undeniably the ruler of Arabia at the time of his death, yet his home was bare. When Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) asked him why he lived in such a way while the kings of Persia and Rome were living lavishly, he responded, "The example of me and this worldly life is like that of a rider traveling on a hot summer day, so he took shelter in the shadow of a tree for an hour, then left it and went on his way." [Tirmidhi]
After I realized how much stuff I had that day, I've taken measures to keep myself from falling into the cycle again:
1- Avoiding malls unless it's necessary. Malls are designed to make us buy things and window displays are meant to lure us in. You can keep yourself from the temptation by not putting yourself in that situation.
2- When you get something, give something. It is so easy to forget how much stuff we have piled in our homes. It is only when you move or travel that this realization comes. When you buy something, find something else to give as sadaqah (charity) or give it to a sibling or a friend.
3- Ask yourself if this item will bring you closer to Allah or if it will benefit you after you die. Do you really need it? Most of the time, the answer is no.
4- Stick with people who don't remind you of at-takathur, the competition to see who can get the best. Surround yourself with friends who compete with you in good deeds instead.
5- Keep it simple. The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said to be in this world as a traveler. We've all seen those poor souls at the airports struggling to carry and lugging around way too much luggage. Don't be one of them.
6- Go to a developing country and see how the vast majority of humanity lives. If you can't go, then read the World News. I've never witnessed poverty like I saw in Egypt. I felt disgusted in myself and in our culture for how wasteful and ungrateful we are, while they were so thankful for the simple piece of bread they were able to have for dinner.
7- Read the biography of the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) and the lives of the Companions and righteous and see how they lived. We may not be able to live how they lived, but we can be as simple as they were in our own way. The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said, "Do you not hear? Do you not hear? Simplicity (in life) is part of Faith, simplicity is part of Faith."[Abu Dawood]
8- Count your blessings. Literally. Reflect on how much you have, and how much Allah has given you…and how much you given to Him.
9- Try not to be wasteful, and teach any young ones around you not to be wasteful. Be it with food or even when taking notes. Why leave a whole page blank when it can be used? Allah says, "and eat and drink but waste not by extravagance, certainly He likes not those who waste by extravagance." (7:31)
10- Focus on the hereafter, and Allah will give you the dunya. The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said, "For the ones whose concern is this world Allah will scatter his affair, and place poverty between his two eyes. And he will not get from the world except what is written for him. And for the one whose intention is the hereafter Allah will gather for him his affair and place contentment in his heart, and the world will come to him willingly.‌" [ibn Majah]
11- Ask Allah (Glorified is He) to make you content with what you have, and to make His Pleasure your goal. Ask Him to make you among those who are grateful and patient, and among those who race in good deeds and not of those who race in amassing possessions. You will realize that contentment is the real treasure.
If these tips aren't enough to help you, then think of the last ayah of Surah At-Takathur:
ثُمَّ لَتُسْأَلُنَّ يَوْمَئِذٍ عَنِ النَّعِيمِ
Then, on that Day, you shall be asked about the delight (you indulged in, in this world)!
Can you imagine standing in front of Allah, Lord of all that exists, and being asked about the stuff we spoiled ourselves with?
Free yourself now from the shackles of Dollar Bill, before your time is up and your belongings will be left for someone else to sort through.

Khamis, 24 November 2011

The death

I just knew about the death of the famous Siamese twin Ahmad and Muhammad's mom. Innalilla wainnailaihirojiun.

Young. At d age of 34, leaving 4(or 5, can't remember) small kids. Died because of breast cancer. But one thing that I can say is that she's one blessed woman. 'Mati cantik' orang kata. Expected, tak mengejut. Untung sangat as she's aware that she's going to leave soon thus she got an ample space to repent and people might as well got their chances to forgiven.

If I can choose, I want to be dead in such way. Severe illness, bedridden and gone.

If I can choose...

Neeza Zaini

Rabu, 23 November 2011


The threads.

If using the small fat thread, it can last for two weeks. And the middle long big thread can last for 2 months. Let see the largest spool can last for how many months. :)


I like watching women dress like that. Masya Allah, such a beautiful scene. I remembered we went to Zoo Negara 2 weeks before Ramadan and there's more than 5 ladies wearing such attire. Made me amused.

Selasa, 22 November 2011


@iTWEETdawah - The more I learn about Islam, the more I realize how perfect it is.
~ couldn't agree more.

As for me I discovered that life is so much simple.

Like now, I wear tudung sarung and jubah and that's the most easiest, modest and 'menepati hukum and syarak' cloth. And I was like 'kenapalah aku tak discover this kind of attire like long ago'.. sebab mudahnya, tiap kali nak keluar rumah, amik je mana jubah bersih yang tergantung, sarung tudung, pakai socks and I am ready to meet the public. Tak de lagi adegan nak pakai baju apa ni yer?? Dan, yang paling menarik, if we're out and its time to perform the salaah, boleh terus je solat tanpa perlu fikir serabut rasa nak kena pakai telekung surau yang hangit hapak etc..

Itu bab pakaian, bab makan pun dah semakin ringkas. Tak de rasa nak ke fancy restoran (like we use to do when I was working full time). Makan je apa yang ada asal kenyang. Anak-anak pun sebenarnya tak la demand, for them food is good and tasty, diorang makan aje. Once in a while ada la jugak makan kat fancy restoran, sbb sometimes eating out is one way to get close among the family members.

Dan sekarang pun, nafsu untuk membeli belah memang hampir tak ada. Live with whatever we have, make full use with whatever we have. Mebe sebab income pun dah tak banyak, but I am happy with our new life. Simple and easy. And I believe we are more closer, back to the Deen. Syukur, Alhamdullilah.. :)


Lagu lama. But I just realized the deep meaningful lyrics. Sangat semarak semangat!

Faizal Tahir - Gemuruh

Bila bertalu rentak di kalbu
Hasrat yang tersirat semakin ku buru
Bila bergema laungan gempita
Harapan bernyala nadiku berganda

Gemuruh jiwa semangat membara
Dari puncak ingin ke angkasa
Berkalungkan bintang berkelipan
Menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa

Ungkapan ini bukan sekadar bermimpi
Segalanya pastikan terbukti nanti


Insya Allah.. ~ Menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa :)

No.. This is not a cryptic post. Am not going to make any appearance in TV or magazine (not for d time being.. niat ada but source x de.. Hehee). Order tengah berbaris tu. Rasa inspired je bila dengar the song lyrics.
Ok. Gonna catch some beauty rest. Nite all. Fee amanillah. :)

Neeza Zaini

Rabu, 16 November 2011

Poslaju pick up service

Awesome service!

I wanted to use d service like long time ago but was reluctant as I heard user must open an account with Rm500 deposit, which is way out my budget. But due to own logistic problem, I called the service centre and they said they'll come with only Rm5 service charges. And that cheaper compare to if I have to go to the post centre by taxi.

Again I would say this is one awesome service. They will bring along the flyers (mailing packages) and the consignment notes if you haven't got one.


Isnin, 14 November 2011

Call to pray

Alhamdullillah. The most valuable thing that I treasure for no longer working 8-5 if the opportunity to solat jemaah at the surau during Zhur and Asr. This is also our breaktime- kids need to be outside the house while I need a me-time from the load in the studio.

Alhamdullillah. Am very glad the surau is just a walk away. :)

Zikr for every Monday

Laa Haula Walaa Quwwata Illaa Billaahil 'Aliyyil 'Azhim (1000 times) meaning : There is no power and no strength except Allah the Most High, the Great.

Neeza Zaini

Ahad, 13 November 2011


Alhamdullillah. Thank you Allah. I really can't stop to express my gratitude toward God as tonight while making the straps for Merak ssc, I have been given such an idea how to make it a wee bit faster and way nicer (the outcome) than the method that I used to do. For me, the most crucial stage to sew the carriers is at making the strap, and ya, I really can't stop thanking Allah for the idea I've long waited. :)


Sabtu, 12 November 2011


I was at the kitchen downstairs and when I was about to drink I called Zahra (who's watching tv upstairs), in intentionally to ask her if she wants anything in the kitchen too. She didn't response, and it makes me thinking..
'I think this is what my mom felt when she called me and I (kinda) ignored her.' 

I remembered about story of *Juriah. A very pious man who isolated himself to worship Allah swt. One night his mom came to visit, been calling him few times outsides his tent, but Juriah, being focused, he didn't answered to his mom. And his mom was hurt and pray to Allah swt. And Juriah later being accused for pregnant a woman. He denied but since nobody can be his eye-witness, and everybody seems to believe the woman, he been punished. The news about the punishment reach his mother and his mother pray for his safety, and right before the punishment, the woman revealed the real story.  *correct me if I'm wrong as I been reading this story long ago.

There are few surah in the Quran (Al-Baqarah, Alimran, Luqman) that have ayat said that we have to make good deed and respect our parent, even we have wicked parent, we shouldn't have grunges towards them. 

I am not mad with Zahra but I am more guilty to own self as I once did the same thing to my mum. I hope my mom will forgive me with whatever inappropriate thing that I've made. I always think that we human shouldn't keep revenge. Setiap manusia patut mengambil setiap kejadian sebagai ujian. Its ok to be mad but not to take it personally. Kita patut maaf memaafi, the world will be a better place. But then again, we are just a human being. And this is dunnya, Not paradise. 

Rabu, 9 November 2011

Candy and Vinegar

Once upon a time, there were two shops. One was selling candy and the other –vinegar. There was intense rivalry. The vinegar shop was a great success compared to the one selling candy. Every single customer who visited the vinegar shop would always come out of it with 'gallons' of vinegar while the customers of the candy shop would come out empty handed. 

This imbalance went on for a while until one day, the candy seller decided to close down the shop. Feeling disgruntled and perplexed at the same time, he said to himself: "I just can't leave in this state. I must go down to the vinegar shop and ask the vinegar seller the reason for the secret of his success." So, he went down to the vinegar shop said to the vinegar seller "Listen here now; I sell candy, something that is nice & sweet. Everybody loves candy. But you, you are selling vinegar – something that is nasty, sour and disliked by most people. Can you please explain to me how you can sell much more than me?" "Well, perhaps it's bcoz I sell vinegar with a candy face but u sell candy with a vinegar face", replied the vinegar seller, smiling,
One of the More important Lessons we Can grasp from This story is That The nature of the Product one is trying To Sell has Little bearing on Its sales. The product can be very nice and sweet, but what matters more is how one presents one's self, and the product, in the process.
Remember to smile :)
Again taken from

Neezaneedles Facebook fanpage giveaway

Kemas-kemas barang and I found under utilize items & decided to give them to whoever want it! Comment below (at my fb page) to get these A4size cutting mat + used 28mm olfa rotary cutter + new in box olfa 28mm blades. Winner will be picked randomly this Sunday. :)

Selasa, 8 November 2011

Bilal ibn Rabah

Antara cerita sahabat Nabi yang saya suka baca. The story will mix between Malay and English, sebab senang nak menulis gaya bercerita. :)


Bilal, physically was unattractive - mata sepet, kulit hitam, badan besar, suara garau but most dedicated person towards Islam. Antara hamba sahaya yang pertama memeluk Islam dan kemudiannya disiksa teruk oleh tuannya (selapas mendapat tahu beliau embraced Islam). He been punished by putting a big rock on his body, below the hot sun and he just said Ahad! Ahad! - which means anything that happen he will not turning on his decision towards Islam. He then being released by his master.

Apabila suruhan solat diturunkan ke atas manusia (menerusi Peristiwa Israq Mikraj), Nabi Muhammad saw berfikir bagaimana seharusnya manusia dikumpulkan untuk menunaikan solat. Para sahabat ada yang bercadang agar dibunyikan loceng, paluan gong, horns dan sebagainya, sehinggalah datangnya Abdullah bin Zaid berkata beliau bermimpi akan nada Azan, dan dinyanyikan laungan tersebut, Selepas mendengar nada Azan tersebut, Rasullulah saw memanggil Bilal, disuruh Abdullah bin Zaid mengajarkan nada Azan tersebut, dan jadilah Bilal muazzin pertama yang memanggil orang supaya bersolat jemaah di kota Madinah. Apabila berkumandang nada Azan tersebut, berlari Umar AlKhattab datang ke Rasullullah saw berkata, beliau juga bermimpikan nada yang sama. And Prophet Muhammad (SAW) accepted this Azan as the official call to the Solat.

Bilal melaungkan Azan sehinggalah Nabi Muhammad saw wafat. After the passing away of Rasulullah saw, Bilal was overcome with immense grief. Sedihnya Bilal sehingga beliau decided to leave Madinah dan berpindah ke Syria. Dalam perjalanan ke Syria, beliau tertido dan bermimpi akan Rasullulah berkata, "Why did you leave me?". Bilal terjaga and without hesitation, made the journey back to Madinah.

Setibanya Bilal di Kota Madinah, ramai yang bersorak gembira berkata, Muazzin kesayangan Rasullulah telah kembali. Word spread through the streets that Bilal had returned dan ramai requested supaya Bilal melaungkan Azan. However, since Rasulullah saw death, Bilal’s grief had been so immense that he resolved that he would never do the Azan again, and so he refused the pleas of the people. Not until he saw the two beloved grandsons of Rasulullah saw, Hassan and Hussain yang turut sama request supaya Bilal melaungkan Azan. Dan atas rasa cinta Bilal terhadap Rasullullah saw dan keturunannya, beliau tidak dapat menolak permintaan tersebut, lantas bangkit berdiri di atas mimbar, dan melaungkan Azan untuk kesekian kalinya. His voice, beautiful as it was, rang through the streets of Madinah, his pain and heartbreak evident in the painful tune. Hampir seluruh penduduk Madinah bergenang air mata, tatkala mendengar seruan azan tersebut, menangis teringat akan saat-saat Rasullulah saw masih bersama mereka. When he reached “Ash-hadu anna Muhammadur Rasulallah”, he broke down and could not continue. His pain and the pain of Madinah’s people was unbearable. Kenangan bersama Rasulullulah saw terpancar di setiap hati penduduk Madinah. Dan itu juga merupakan Azan terakhir dari Bilal, beliau meninggal dunia tidak lama kemudian.


InsyaAllah, jika ada kelapangan lagi, (once I done with my reading) will share with you guys, kisah Sirah Nabi atau Para Sahabat. Semoga kita mendapat manfaat dengan kisah-kisah seperti ini :)

Its a long journey

Back home..

We make a move on Monday after Zhur. Hamza wasn't well. And as he vomitted 3 times along the way, we decided to make a pits stop at Kuantan. And continue our journey again after Zhur and along the way he decided to puke on me for the 4th times.

Alhamdullillah we reach home safely.

Isnin, 7 November 2011


Mom in law past away somewhere early this year and father in law remarried soon after that. And I frankly admit that I adore my new mom in law. From appearance, she looks old (maybe in her mid-50s) yet strong, patient and motherly. I might say that we are new for her but her warmth acceptance towards us makes me feel like she's been in the family for long.

She said to me that she's never been to Mecca but she really wants to go. I hope and pray that she'll get the chance sooner or later. And if she doesn't, I pray she'll go to heaven, nevertheless. I think all motherly Mother should have a place in heaven because being mother is not just giving birth, its about sacrificing, more to give and sometimes none to take. Its not as easy as one can imagine.

Neeza Zaini

Sabtu, 5 November 2011

Raya prep

Mil and sils busy making ketupat.
While me busy with curtains (banyak rupa nya...)
So, how's your raya preparation peeps? Those going back kampung, drive safely ok.

Karma.. don't

To my Dear Muslim brothers and sisters,
Karma - Buat baik dibalas baik, buat jahat dibalas jahat, while in Islam- buat baik(mengikut syariat) dapat pahala dan balasan syurga, dan berbuat mungkar dibalas neraka.
Mebe some of you didn't see the different but karma balasan adalah di dunia. Mengikut hukum karma kalau kita buat baik, kita akan hidup selamat sejahtera, dan kalo kita buat jahat, hidup akan tidak selamat. While in real world that doesn't happen. Sebab dunia adalah dugaan dan ujian, Allah menduga kita dengan harta, pangkat, kedudukan, anak, dan kesemua nya sekali. Jika kita percaya kepada karma – berbuat baik dibalas baik, berbuat jahat dibalas jahat; dan bila kita sebagai 'orang baik' diduga dan terus diduga, we at the end of the day akan menyalahkan Allah swt- 'Aku dah buat habis baik dah, kenapa Kau balas begini, Tuhan?' (just like the *** movie where they went to their 'prayer house' and blame the 'God') dan jika kita percaya orang jahat dibalas jahat, bila kita asyik lihat orang jahat, bebas dari kesalahan, again kita akan kata life is unfair, sebab kita percaya pada karma, walhal semua itu adalah ujian Allah swt pada hambanya.
We Muslim have to believe whatever happen in our life is from Allah swt.
'Hanya kepada Kau kami sembah, dan hanya kepada Kau kami mohon pertolongan' [1:5]
We read that ayat 17times a day so have faith with what we said.
Maka, dear my Muslim friends, don't believe in Karma. Karma is not even stated in the Quran, Quran said berbuat la baik sesama kamu untuk mendapat balasan syurga. Balasan nya bukan di sini, balasan nya di 'destinasi' kelak.  Dan ingat la, salah satu dari dosa besar ialah syirik iaitu mempercayai selain Allah swt. Wallahualam.. 

Jumaat, 4 November 2011

Blackberry app

This is the first ever app that I bought. My personal comment is I like the app very much. Easier for me to put watermarks on pictures to update blog or my fb page status. :)

My new look

Finally after months of blurry vision (one reason why I bought d new lamp) and sudden attacked of headache, I surrendered to the extra eyes. Have to admit that I am getting old (gray hairs pun sudah banyak).

Second and third pictures is for those who inquir about the previous post - the Quran. I bought all 10 jilid for rm135. Each jilid cost vary from rm13-17. Hope this help :)

Khamis, 3 November 2011

Finally found

I've been searching for a Quran that is:
- with tafsir in simple Malay
- with tajwid
- big font for both quranic and the tafsir (I have sight problem, admit that)
- light not heavy, thus I preferred it is compiled by juzuk so that easier for me to read while lying down (eg. breast feeding Hamza)

And thank Allah found it at Terenganu. After searching up down, high low in Bangi and Kajang.