Isnin, 31 Januari 2011

A giftaway..

Will be on here, starting tomorrow.

Watch out this site :)

Happy Monday!

Ahad, 30 Januari 2011

Pick of the week #4

Sorry for the lack of update. I am all occupied. Fuh..

With pencil color rolls:

Maternity dress:

and kids pajamas:

All I can say, thank you for your purchase. :)


On the other note, I went to Warta Bangi last Friday and bought this Burdastyle magazine for RM8. Even it is a old version (Oct2010, not so old but not the latest one either) but having to buy one with a very good price is such a steal.

Ok, thats all. You guys thanks for dropby and reading this blog. Have a nice day ahead.

Ahad, 23 Januari 2011

Pick of the week #3

Muncher pouch.

I guess people out there would wonder what is a muncher pouch. Its actually a very simple small pouch made with gauze fabric in purpose as fruit muncher for baby.

So, how to use it? Wash clean the little small pouch, put in the fruit,

and you're ready to serve it to your baby.

By using the pouch, incident of fruit shocking can be prevent, however, you still need to monitor your kid, ok.

Protip: To teach your kid to like eating vegetable start from they're young. Instead giving them the toy teether, give them hard vegetable like celery and cucumber for them to chew.

Hamza munching cucumber:

Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Gem found

I was away at my in-law in Terengganu for the past whole week.

One thing I like being at my in-law is there is a lot of craft shops scattered along the way. One of my favorite is of course the one that located very near to the house, so near you just walk to go there.

This is what they're selling:

And I also bought this - am adjustable foot for high shank (industrial machine). Will talk more about this foot later, ok.

OK, Happy Saturday :)

Ahad, 16 Januari 2011

Pick of the week #2

Face masks.

A very simple things to do. Made from scraps.

I know H1N1 is no longer a threat (since we've discovered the antidote) but this face masks still do wonder especially if you wanna clean your house and have an allergen towards dust. Good for you and friendly to the environment.


Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

Awana Kijal revisited

The last time we went here, Zahra is such a small kid:

And this time around, she's not only growing big but have a brother as well.

Weekdays holiday is awesome. We owned the pool and the kiddy room. :)

Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Paper clips wonder

One of my must use sewing notion when sewing the baju kurung is the paper clips. I used a lots of them.

for what? To secure the seam before hand-stitches. Because sometimes, even you have ironed the seam, the line can still gone easily, especially for silk, crepe, chiffon, -like fabrics.


Ahad, 9 Januari 2011

Pick of the week #1

Kurung moden I sewn for my customer.

Fabric from customer. Pattern design as requested by the customer too.

I like it. And I hope she'll like it as well.

*I just renewed my domain name, and figured that I should updating this blog as frequent as I can. Thus, 'pick of the week' will be one of my initiative to make a weekly post (at least). It will be featuring item(s) that I sewn either for me (and my family) or simply for the customers.


Rabu, 5 Januari 2011

How to wear an Onbuhimo

Remember this post: telling you that I made an Onbuhimo (an another type of baby carrier that looks similar to meitai however have two rings on the waist-pad instead of a long strap).

Lets recap. This is the Onbuhimo:

A close-friend asked me on how to wear this Onbuhimo and since the last time I was 'you-tube-blind', I just explained to her by showing a sketch on a paper on how to wear one. But since I discovered that I can record myself, I kinda thrilled thus made this video tutorial on how to wear an Onbuhimo. Excuse my eldest. She's just like me, being excited.

Well, I am not selling this type of carrier. I don't sell ring sling either. This video just made for tutorial purposes, and me having fun with my kids. Enjoy and thanks for watching.. thehehehe..

Selasa, 4 Januari 2011

A bunch of thanks

I must say that as for today, I love the brand new year. Good start with lots of good news and I hope it will stay till the end of the year (and continue to the next year, and another next year, on and on - as usual, me being greedy.. huhuhuh)

Well, thanks to you, the first batch of my meitais are all sold out. Terima kasih banyak-banyak :D. InsyaAllah, new batch will come soon. Just watch out this space or my FB fanpage for new meitais update.

And I forget to mention that the meitai came with a matching drawstring bag to keep them in place.
And the price still the same : all in all it is still RM110.

NN-mt Blackflora

NN-mt Aeroplane

OK, thats all for an update. Thanks again for your support even by only reading this blog. Love you guys a lots!


Sabtu, 1 Januari 2011

Happy 2011

Its 1111 today. Happy new good looking year to all :)

To begin the new chapter, here, I uploaded a video tutorial on how to wear the NN-mt (NeezaNeedles-Meitai).

I've been trying to upload this video since yesterday (that is why I mentioned that I am going to leave 2010 with style) but couldn't get the right 'free' software to convert the original video format (m2ts) to wma (some only free upload up to a minute, some does not have audio and later I settled with this software that have their watermark on the video itself). Hahaha.. I am such a big failure when it comes to the technology thingies.

So, lets enter 2011 with style and please ignore the videomark.

Simple tutorial on how to wear the NN-mt.