Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Daawah pt2

Dan secara bukan kebetulan (kerana semua nya dr Allah swt). @GadisBerjilbabb juga tweet perkara yg sama:

"Ketika org mengkritik atau mencelamu, maka perhatikan celaanya. Apabila ada kekurangan itu pada dirimu, maka perbaikilah langkahmu & luruskan kesalahanmu. Namun apabila kekurangan itu tidak ada pada dirimu, berkatalah, "Alhamdulillah", dan janganlah celaan itu mengganggu langkahmu.. "


Neeza Zaini


"@IslamicMoral: When u give dawah to someone & they tell u to mind ur own business Tell them U r my business because i wll be questioned for my silence"

*Dan jika kita didaawah oleh seseorang- jika apa yang dikatakannya benar belaka- even dia juga masih dalam perjalanan penyempurnaan dirinya- Maka, jangan dicemuh orang itu (eg. Lantak akula, Eleh.. Ko tu pun bukannya bagus sgt!!) Kerana bimbang jika kita mencemuh suatu nasihat (yg benar isinya) nasihat itu tidak akan datang lagi menjenguk kita. Tinggal lah kita dengan hati yang semakin keras jauh dari Allah swt. Nauzubillah..

*petikan dari kuliah yg pernah sy dengar suatu tika dulu.
Neeza Zaini

Isnin, 27 Februari 2012

Siapa yang memakmurkan Masjid

Subhanallah. I've been looking for this ayat for the past few days. And tonite I bump into it. Subhanallah. Masya Allah.

At-Taubah. Ayat 17-18.

Keep it to urself

"Don't judge people. You might know their name but you definitely don't know their story. Keep your thoughts to yourself."

That's the utmost reason why I 'leave' FB. We tend to talk about other people that other people in our friend lists do not know who he/she is. I admit that I am not a good person myself (I am trying hard to be one now) but I always feel it is not right to talk (especially something bad) about other people, and about people that we don't even know who he/she is.
Like: talking bad about someone just because he/she doesn't represent Muslim the way he/she suppose to, swearing to someone who upsetting us, and calling people stupid just because they do something that normal people don't do. Ya, I know they might doing something not right there but we understand what we want to understand. We don't really know the story behind. And since 'we know' they did something wrong, why not telling straight to their face? Even he/she is stranger there's nothing wrong to come forward to say to their face if they're wrong. That's much better, we might get pahala for that. And if we want to remind others not to do the same, by letting it known via tweet/FB status, its better to use nice naseeha words without relate to anybody specifically.

Sejujurnya, aku pun belum jadi baik. Hati ni selalu berkata2. But I am trying my very best to just let it be in my heart. Bila hati berkata-kata, kita basuh dengan Istighfar. Selalu bersangka baik. Kerna segala setiap berlaku di sekeliling kita adalah ujian. Jaga mata, jaga telinga. Jangan sampai keluar di lidah. Kenapa nak berkongsi dosa? Bila kita pun bukannya baik sangat. Bila kita sendiri belum pasti timbangan pahala cukup berat untuk bawa kita ke Syurga.

I am so afraid that what we trying to say, when we pointed other people fault by publicitized it in the social network, we are actually being arrogant. Riak. We tend to see that we are better than he/she. *Always remember that everything that we own comes from Allah swt. He gave it and at the same time He is testing us. The ability for us to wake up every morning for Fajr comes from Him, to do every single good deed comes from Him. Its not from us. He can take it back. But to prevent from Him snatching back all the privileges always remember Him, by zikrullah. -- *via Yasmin Mojahed pod cast.

Let's together we be a better person and a Good Muslim.

Forgive me if I am wrong.


Neeza Zaini

Ahad, 26 Februari 2012

Sunbeam on Me

We are at Ipoh. Mat having a coz at the UTP and we back at my mom.

And after 15years, I took the kids for a bus ride to Ipoh. Not reaching the city but we went to the places I really wanted to go but never had the chance: Syarikat Hup Huat Mesin Jahit. What a trip.. Masuk sampai dalam stor! (Hamza wants milk and the shopkeeper brought us there for privacy).

And I bought me self my seventh sewing machine. Hehee, you heard it right people. Seven minus two has been let go (black vintage Singer and Butterfly serger) so now I have five sewing machine at home: Jack the industrial sm, Singer domestic sm, Singer light-battery-function sm, Singer domestic serger and now introducing Sunbeam- straight line, heavy duty function (can sew jeans and thick fabric) and totally mechanical- no electricity needed as I installed the hand-paddle function (instead the leg-paddle with table or the motor). I purposely installed hand-paddled as I kinda like the idea of heavy-duty-portable-non electricity-sewing machine function. I can bring the sewing machine outside the house and sew while the kids play with nature. We hardly face electricity-hicup here in Putrajaya buy if we do, I still can sew then. Hehee…

Okla enough with justifications. It just that I want to spend something for self and the best is another sewing machine. It makes me happy. :D

Rabu, 22 Februari 2012


for now.. mebe will re-toning down for more.

I am sorry first of all. The urge to close the account was there since last year. I don't know but the whole thing has become so memualkan. I used to have less than 300 'friends' and I hide half of them. Having unknown friends at the beginning is fun, but then it started to turn sour when all of the sudden I lost few of my precious hours- dok stalking tengok gambar la, itu ini. And some 'friends', we've been lost contact for years and started back to keep-in-touch and then we started to question each other, why we have become this, why we do this, why we change.. and there's cryptic status, we started to make our own assumption without knowing the whole story, and blablabla.

FB is my office. I spent few hours in front of it: uploading pictures, giving babywearing advise, asking and answering question regarding my products, I cant ditch it.

I read this last year. When he first published the article. Inspiring, I must say.
It took me a year to make the move.

The Fiqh of Facebook
Guest Authors | February 20, 2011 1:00 am

By Sohaib Saeed

Online pursuits are consuming an increasing amount of time of young people, and no less the Muslims. Those among the 500 million global users of Facebook (FB) know how it functions as a platform for many of these activities (such as news, entertainment, correspondence, campaigning, da`wah), going far beyond its description of a social networking site.

As an avid Facebook user of a few years, I have tasted its fruits but also experienced the sickness of excess and felt the danger of getting lost among the trees. Whenever Muslims are faced with a new environment, they enter it carrying their principles with them. We also need a sound understanding (fiqh) of the realities of this environment and how to handle some of its specifics.

If I dwell here on the potential and actual problems with Muslims’ use of Facebook, that is not to de-emphasize the great things that can be done with it. I say this just a week after a dictator fell from power in Egypt, with social media playing its role.

Fittingly, the genesis of this article was a series of short FB statuses I posted over 2010, each of which generated interesting discussion from friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances and contacts (all of whom are designated by FB as “Friends”). Here, I shall address a few of the most crucial aspects for the conscious user to consider, with a few quotes from the original “Facebook Fiqh” series.

A Question of Time

If time is life, then Facebook is many people’s favorite weapon of suicide. We struggle to find time to seek beneficial knowledge, yet trivial comments about trivial matters get more than their fair share. Someone remarked on Imam Suhaib Webb’s FB “wall” that we check out people’s latest FB updates more frequently than we check our Qur’an to take benefits from its verses. That remark inspired the following status update:

Sohaib Saeed wants a “Like” button in his mus-haf (written text of the Qu’ran) next to each ayah. “Like OMG that’s so true!” ;)

In a recent discussion with some students of Islamic sciences, we wondered aloud how the great scholars of the past managed to be so prolific in their writings, and how they managed to utilize every moment of their – often quite short – lives. Someone raised the point that nowadays we do indeed manage to write a lot, but it is mostly spent on trivial discussions and debates. The angels are writing down all the useless things we say in our days and nights. What do you think if you gathered all the comments (other than social niceties) that you have left on Facebook and other such forums? For many of us, it would add up to at least a small book.

The technological aspects of Facebook, particularly with its ever-updating interface, can have an intoxicating effect. It is built upon the principle of maximal stimulation of the eyes and brain; it is not far from the imagination to compare it with hypnosis. All this has a long-term effect on the mind and on the spiritual heart. This is why our attitude to such time-consuming activities is to use them for a purpose (even if that purpose be recreation), and not allowing it to eat into time better spent on other things. For some, this may mean taking conscious note of how often they open the page, and how long is spent on each visit.

What are the signs of excess? Specialists in addiction can list a few, but let me point out one thing that I believe is frighteningly common. I noticed once that when Twitter went down for a few hours then resumed, someone commented on the experience, writing: “When Twitter went down, all I wanted to do was tweet about it!” Ridiculous, yet I would suggest that it is quite representative of a common urge to use these media as a natural outlet for all our thoughts, desires and emotions. As I once wrote:

“We express our thoughts in the form of a status update instead of turning to Allah with our fears and joys. The day of a believer should be a constant conversation with God.”

Is this constant babble not a blatant distraction from the remembrance of Allah? Yes, even when we are reading and forwarding religious content, if we do so with hearts unaware. To quote from Shaykh Abdallah Adhami’s FB comment: “By all means: share, post, sms, blog, im, email, tweet… (though most importantly, internalize)”. This is the point! If you read a supplication with your eyes, it is no use if your tongue remains dry and your heart remains silent. Is reading a du`a’ (supplication) anything like making du`a’? Many times, we write such things robotically in the same way we type “LOL” with a completely straight face. I won’t go so far as to call it lying, but it certainly is bizarre when you ponder on it!

Clicking “Like” is not a sign of commitment any more than saying “I love Allah.” The Prophet ﷺ (peace be upon him) was commanded to say, “If you should love Allah, then follow me, [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful” (Qur’an 3:31). Our Islam is built on actions, not mere declarations.

Public and Private

Let’s be in no doubt that FB is a public space, though certain aspects (messaging) allow one-to-one communication. Even things you post on your own wall will come up on your friends’ homepages. Therefore, rather than merely decorating your home awaiting their arrival, you are actually dropping in on them every time you post something.

“If Facebook is like a public street, doesn’t it have rights? The first is lowering the gaze: not just from unseemly images, but from everything that doesn’t concern you. Think about it as hundreds of conversations are presented before you.”

The above FB Fiqh advice was based on a hadith (report concerning the Prophet ﷺ) reported in Sahih Muslim, in which Allah’s Messenger ﷺ questioned some people sitting in the road and instructed them to avoid doing so. When these Companions explained their purpose, the Prophet ﷺ said: “If you must sit, then fulfill the rights of the road: lower your gaze, respond to greetings and talk in a good manner.”

Not only does Facebook make it all too easy to look at pictures of members of the opposite sex and personal details we have no business knowing, but it makes it tempting to pore through threads of comments that at best, are a complete waste our time, and at worst, involve a level of prying. Just as we take responsibility for what we post, we should also be ethical in what we access. Ask yourself: if that group of friends were chatting amongstthemselves, would I feel right standing nearby and listening in?

Many of the problems with people’s Facebook usage stem from the confusion between public and private spaces. Consider a few such cases:

1. Saying aloud what ought to have been silent, or sharing with everyone what belongs to a certain group.

Such a public forum is not the ideal place for potentially confusing ideas – such as controversial questions of theology – to be shared, as people without the relevant background knowledge may get the wrong idea.

Moreover, Facebook is not the place to develop your thoughts, wondering aloud with things that could cause others to doubt. If you have a question, direct it to someone who knows. If you’re working on an idea, try keeping a private journal.

Most importantly, beware of spreading unsubstantiated rumors. If in doubt, clarify and make certain of the reality, as the Qur’an (49:6) instructs. The following is also a thinking point:

The Prophet ﷺ said: “It is enough of a lie for a person to narrate everything he hears.” (Sahih Muslim) So how about one who narrates every fleeting thought he hears from his self?

In short: before posting anything, ask yourself “Why?” – is it something that will be of interest or benefit to those who will read it?

2. Doing things shamelessly in front of respected people and near-strangers.

Examples of this include using bad language, or writing flirtatious things in plain sight of people who could make hasty – possibly unfair – judgments. Perhaps someone would suggest that writing on the FB wall of someone of the opposite gender is more appropriate than a private message, but that is only true if the public nature of the communication does not become an excuse for a lack of etiquette.

People are clicking “Like” for the craziest things, associating themselves sometimes with immoral and unethical people and ideas, and promoting this on the newsfeeds of all their friends. It would be wise to slow down and think, if only for the following reason:

Be careful whom you love and “Like” – do you want them by your side on Judgment Day? The Prophet ﷺ said: “You are with whomever you love.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

Another common sight is photos of sinful activities, with Muslim friends pictured in compromising positions. Rather than uploading and tagging photos of these lapses, the right course of action is immediate repentance, as in the hadith: “All my nation are safe except those who publicise their sins. A servant does an evil deed by night, and wakes up having Allah’s cover upon him. Then he tells someone, ‘I did such-and-such last night!’ – He went to bed with Allah providing him cover, and woke up to throw off Allah’s cover.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

Privacy in general is a major and widely discussed issue of concern regarding Facebook, so a Muslim should be even more aware of the issue. Both sisters and brothers need to beware of broadcasting details that could be misused, and especially pictures in which they are more exposed than they ought to be in public. Even a “private” FB album is never truly private, when you think about it.

These few thoughts on Facebook Fiqh are by no means exhaustive, but I hope they provide a starting point to a greater consciousness and care when using new technology and emerging media.


You still can keep in touch with me: there's email, and there's phone.
I am mostly be at home. With the kids. Do dropby. Talk, gossiping, whatsnot. We can still be friend. Even without the Facebook.


Because less is more

Isnin, 20 Februari 2012

Plan part2

I was searching for a supplier as I wanted to make a proper storage bag for the carriers. Previously I bought ready-made bags from China and since the worldwide postage cost increased, the bag becoming more and more expensive.

I contacted one of the very well-known bag making company. Used to deal with this company when I was working with the government but I don't know la, maybe my business is so small and very not well-known, the respective person was sort of kinda lazy to entertain my requested. I guess he might think that I am not serious enough. But I kept on sending him email, asking and finally he responded the email with a signature *sent via my smartphone.

And this morning, Kak Arin (again) from the advertised their new service and what do you know, she offered the service that I've been looking far- making the personalized printed bag!!!

Alhamdullilah. God work in a very weird way. I ditch that company and work with Kak Arin instead.

Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih Allah swt :)

Lesson #2 - Every emails/phone call is a business. Treat well or you will lose some opportunity.


Last week is sort of a hectic week for us. 3 kali ke CIMB menguruskan account yg tak aktif selama ini. I said us because I have to drag along my kids to every places that we go.

So, first day to the bank, I parked really far: confused with the location of Affin bank and CIMB. But we have fun walking along the Precint 3 as my kids enjoy the scenery as there's a pasangan pengantin doing shooting and she's so beautiful like a Princess kata Zahra. First day was a failed due to my previous card was an old bank Bumiputera card, so need retrieved the information from HQ, unsettle so we have to come again the next day. We spent most of our afternoon at the bank and coming back home I received notice from the Poslaju guy, a parcel need to be claimed at the Poslaju centre.

Second day, we woke up early in the morning, sent hubby to his office and went back to the bank. Again unable to proceed because account was inactive. Need 24hrs to be active so I have to come again the next day. Disappointed, we went to the Poslaju centre to claim my parcel. At Poslaju, the girl who's looking over the counter (whos actually knows what I am doing) was happy to see me. "Lama Akak tak datang" and she later asked if I have a storage pouch to sell. She wanted to put her telekung. So I said ya, ada, and since I have to go to the Bank again tomorrow, I said to her that I will be coming again the next day.

Third day, went back to the bank and bank was offline!!! Wah, stress jugak waktu tu but lucky the manager care enough to just lemme have the card, and they will just call me to further proceed, means that I don't have to go back to the bank the next day. And we went to Poslaju to sell the storage bag to the girl (and also to send stuff to my customers).

Well, what I wanted to tell is, I have a plan, but Allah swt too have a plan for me. It might looks very simple, but because of a one thing, I've been given opportunity to do something else.

Takjub kan.. Subhanallah.

Khamis, 16 Februari 2012

Demi Masa

I read one of my friend FB's status, she was saying something like: Sitting hours in front of the computer doing nothing but Facebook-ing. I should stop this. Lagho (wasting time!).. And there's few commented and one of the comment catch my eyes: Same here. But different cases. I like reading. Novels. One after another. Staying late just to finish one book. Same. Lagho. "

Well I guess that one of my reason why I didn't update this blog as frequent as before. First, my life lame, I do same activity most days. Teaching my girl in the morning, sewing in between, and mothering all day: house-chore whatsnot. Second, I did sew, But its no longer a hobby, its my job. And I enjoy doing the job (finishing the orders) rather than self-sewing. And making tutorials takes a lot of my time. I need to really work out with my timetable if I want to do one. Sorry, because I know most of you come here for the sewing tutorials. I received few comments in my Youtube channel, asking for more tutes, translate them in English, and again I have to say, I bad in time management. And I am not a multi-tasking person, I cant do two thing in one time- things will go hay-wire. So I prioritize, which is more important: this or that.

And excuse me for transform this blog to sort-of-like islamic blog. I read and not to forget, I've jot it in my phone. And then I think its better for me to put it here: sharing with those who in seek of some soul-knowledge. Because I know, most of us, our main problem is time-management, failing in prioritize. 24hrs is not enough to do all. I always respect full-time working mother: work 8-5, coming back with kids need attention, preparing food, laundry whatsnot, and the routine recycle again the next day.

And I know, most of us, been quite very far, with the Deen. How many of us have the time to read and tadabbur the Quran? Well, to be frank I've been neglected the Quran since I got married and became the full-time working mother. Quran is just Yassin every Friday night, that's is. Reading it blindly without even bother to read the tafsiir.

Alhamdulillah for the decision that I made, the time that I now have. And of course, time will always do the trick. Whats important is prioritize. House will always be in mess. I have a mess-machines, so dont bother to keep it tide every minutes. When the kids play, I took the time to sew. And when my boy wants to milk, I took the time to read the Quran. (I used to play with my phone during his feeding time and somehow I comprehended that this is wasting time! and turn to read some books, and somehow I start to appreciate my time and reading books about worldly is also wasting time, so lets feed the soul).

And I hope what I share with you guys, my Muslim Sisters and Brothers will have a benefit to you :)

Demi masa! Sesungguhnya manusia itu berada di dalam kerugian. Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal salih, dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan dengan sabar.

Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

Jumaat, 10 Februari 2012

Al-Kahf ayat 23-24

Menurut riwayat, ada beberapa orang Quraisy bertanya kepada Nabi Muhammad saw tentang roh, kisah Ashabul Kahfi (penghuni gua) dan kisah Zulkarnain lalu Nabi saw menjawab, datangla esok pagi kepada ku agar aku ceritakan kepadamu. Dan Nabi saw tidak mengucapkan insyaAllah (bererti jika Allah swt mengendaki). Sehingga hari kelima belas, wahyu tidak datang dan Nabi saw tidak dapat menjawab persoalan tersebut. Maka turunlah ayat 23-24 di atas sebagai pelajaran kepada Nabi saw; Allah saw mengingatkan pula bilamana Nabi saw lupa menyebut insyaAllah haruslah segera menyebutnya kemudian.

Khamis, 9 Februari 2012

From Merak to Nuri

Woot.. woot..

We have MERAK SSC, now introducing the NURI Ring tai - the buckle-less version of MERAK SSC.

We love the carrier and I guess its great to spread the LOVE. Orders now open. Price is RM260, slightly higher than MERAK SSC, but still affordable :).

Anything just eml me:


NURI Ring Tai

NURI Ring Tai is basically a combination of a mei tai and a full-buckle carrier without the plastic buckles or hard webbings that could feel uncomfortable. The soft wrap-like shoulder straps are fixed to small sling rings. The straps feel incredibly comfortable and they fit for parents of different size and babys of all ages.

The body panel of the NURI Ring Tai is the same style as we use with our MERAK SSCs and also the detachable sleeping hood is included. The NURI Ring Tais body panel are made entirely from beautiful fabric sandwiched with layer of fabrics to make it sturdy. The body panel comes with darts so the baby's bum will settle in a deep pouch. The high panel part gives support to baby's back and neck. It secured with tie and button, which can be unbutton and you can fold the head/neck rest for baby to hands-out, or simply for baby to freely enjoy their view (without being block).

There is also soft padding under the baby's legs.

The waist band is a SSC type, thick padded and slightly curved with 200 cm (80 inch) long. The shoulder straps are about 115 cm (45inch) long, 15 cm (6 inch) wide and softly padded on top of the shoulder. The straps are made of corduroy fabric all the way.

The shoulder straps are attached to small aluminium rings on each side of the body panel and you can adjust the straps smoothly. The idea is the same as with a regular ring sling. Spread the fabric evenly over the rings to make it slide more easily when tightening. It is also good practice to un-fasten the straps from the rings every now and then and string the straps again because they can become twisted over time.

We offer four sizes of NURI Ring Tai carrier: baby, standard, toddler and pre-school. The age and size recommendations are average estimations. If you can't decide between two sizes, please think about when do you need it the most: do you need the carrier right now or maybe a little later. If you need it now, the smaller size is probably right for you. But if you want to be able to use the carrier as long as possible, then you might want to choose a bigger size.

Baby size (3-18 months): Hight 38cm (15inch), width between the legs 33-35cm (13inch)

Standard size (4m-2 1/2 years,): hight 40 cm (17inch), width between the legs 35-40 cm ((14inch)

Toddler size (2-4 years): hight 45 cm (19 inch), width between the legs 41cm (16inch)

Pre-school size (3-5 years): hight 50 cm (19 1/2inch), width between the legs 44cm (17 inch)
** Hight of the carrier is exclude the waist band.
** Toddler and Pre-school size would have a different price compare to Baby and Standard size

To wear this carrier, first wear the waist band the out side facing towards your body so that the panel will hang directly towards the ground in the starting position.

In a front carry the shoulder straps are crossed behind your back. You can attach the straps to the opposite side rings even before you put the baby on. Just leave them as loose as possible. Then pick up the baby and set her in front of you and facing towards you. Lift the body panel up and lift each shoulder strap over the baby and over your head one by one and cross them over your back. Make sure the fabric is not twisted. If this doesn't feel the right way for you, you can also fix each strap to the rings after the baby is in the carrier.

Tighten the straps: pull all loose material rings after the baby is in the carrier.iarial down from your shoulders and back and as close to the rings as possible. Then pull the strap right behind the rings backwards little by little. This is easier to do, if there's no weight on the strap that you try to tighten so lift the strap from the shoulder with your other hand.

Each carrier purchased comes with a storing bag/pouch.

To order:

Selasa, 7 Februari 2012

Today activity…

Jalan TAR.

Ok. The carrier is awesomeness!!! I just love the fact that Mat likes the carrier very much.

InsyaAllah will be opened for sale. Soon. Very-very soon. :) Just linger around ya.

Ahad, 5 Februari 2012

Jubah again

Because I love and am wearing it religiously. Well, at first I am thinking to make the Burdastyle Bohemian Maxi dress - this link.. so pretty but the fact it has tie on the back makes me think twice, to make or not to make - not really suitable (geleng kepala).

So, same ol jubah, same ol jubah.. (like the black abaya).. but this time around I used flowy cotton fabric (mom bought from Vietnam.. Thanks Mama.. :))

Elastic cuff at end sleeves:

Simple piping neck:

Hidden side zipper for breastfeeding:

And a happy me :)

Nak jugak...

Salam Maulidurrasul to all :)) and Happy long weekends :)

Note: This is for self-wearing and no, I am not taking any orders for this. Sorry and thank you.

Jumaat, 3 Februari 2012

MERAK SSC buckle-less

.. no buckle. At all.

Considered this as my first sewing project for 2012. Finally. Something for myself. But lame- another carrier. Hehee...

Well, the urge to make another carrier for own self is just because non-other than the... LABEL itself. All other carriers that I owned is using the old uninterested label so I need to make one carrier for me using the new label. I have Merak buckle tai version and making Merak SSC is somehow a bit of redundant, and I found out that Mat likes the onbuhimo compared to Merak buckle tai and Ergo.. And I knew the reason is that he does not like buckle. There!

And I just found out about ringtai, so why not making one for own self. Yeay!!!

We've tried (right after I finished sewing) and I can say that I like it very much, easier to wear and ya, we just like it. Proper picture later ya guys. And this Merak SSC ringtai version is made 100% using corduroy - body panel is 21-wale cord and the straps is 8-wale cord.

Love! Love! Love!!!! :)

Rabu, 1 Februari 2012

Book Review

This book:

Ok, how should I put this in words.. Truth is I dont read it till the end. First two chapters is interesting. It makes me want to read, and keep on reading, but somehow I have to stop to sew (I got orders to be done). First chapter is about Muhammad SAW, his persona, being the chosen one - right from the beginning, from the day he was in his mother womb. Interesting. I must say. Second chapter is about the fight to develop the religion, the daawah, fight between the Quraisy, the haters and yet the sweetness of Islam and again the persona of Muhammad SAW as a great leader. Again interesting. I cried, I laugh, amazed at the same time. OK, third chapter, is when Muhammad SAW has gone, story about the Khalifah Ar-Rasyidin. Ok, this is the part where I sensed that there is something wrong with the book or the author. Ok, truth is I am not really well-versed with Islam and the history. Lack of reading (I admitted) and little of exposure too. So, when I was in this third chapter, I don't really smell the fish, up till I discussed what I am reading with hubby.

Punca nya was I said to Mat:
"Padanla Quran ni ditulis Resm Uthmani, zaman Uthman Al-Affan rupanya yang start to compile the whole Quran". And Mat was like, "Ya, betul".. and I continued, "And it stated that, that is his biggest contribution towards Islam, other than that he seems to be one of Khalifah yang tak best sangat - nepotism, berat sebelah, and that's the reason he been killed." "Eh, awak baca mana ni? Jangan cakap sebarangan, dia antara 10 sahabat dijamin Syurga". And I showed Mat the book. "Apa lagi buku ni cakap?" So, I told him that the book said that Ali RA should be the first Khalifah not Abu Bakr RA. The system of khulafa Ar-rasyidin even though is based on musyuwarah but is actually not fair. Abu Bakr was chosen immediately after Nabi Muhammad SAW died and Ali as one of the Rasullulah close-family member was busy settling with whats not. And Mat was like,"Buku ni tak suka Sahabat ya? Ali is the best kan?" "Yup." "Buku tu buku Syiah la.. Reza Aslan (the writer) orang Iran kan?" There.

And later the next chapter (I kept on reading, however) its tells a lot about the Imams and the mazhab - Syiah. And I stop.


So, about what books I am currently reading. I guess for the time being, I concentrating reading the Quran and the tafsir. Hey, I found better Quran and tafsir - much better from the previous one: this is juzuk by juzuk (thinner) with biggest font. I like. I like the fact it is juzuk by juzuk. But must be extra careful - I brought one juzuk (Book 6) balik kampung previously and nearly left it there. -- beli kat MPH btw.


Other books:

We have alot of rohaniah books. All of the books was bought by Mat. I, in the other hand loves reading fictional books like CJ Lewis (Narnia). I used to read that kind of books, until Mat said "Membaca ni bagus. Its ilmu. But somehow, kita kena filter jugak apa yang kita baca.. sebab it took our time. Better baca something that can feed our soul and benefit to ourselves: here and there (akhirat)". And I like what he said. So, I never read 'junk' since then. Suratkhabar pun dah tak baca.. Hahaha...


Ok, thats all. Lama tak update beria. Sbb previously my favorite laptop screennya rosak. Its a waste to buy a new lappy so Mat bought new screen for it. Yeay. Thanks. jadikla. So, insyaAllah I will write more after this. Wee...