Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

Something got to go..

UPDATE: All SOLD. Thanks for your interest. I'll make another garage sale, later, insyaAllah :)


And it is ..


my day job.. Hahahahaha...

Naaahhhhhhhh... Adakah semua orang terkejut?? Heheheheh..


Well, its hard being a hoarder and its break my heart when I don't see myself utilizing the things that I have. Thus, I decided to let it go *sobs.. But the good news is I am letting them go in such a bargain price:

Ok let see what I have and I am going to sell them:

1) Rotary cutter sz 28mm with new in box blades. NP- RM40. Selling - RM20 BOOKED

2) Bias tape maker brand Clover sz 18mm brand new in case (unopened) - NP- RM39.90. Selling - RM25 SOLD

3) Gold Zack Elastic band sz 7mm, 10 meter. NP- RM8.70, Selling at RM5.00. SOLD

4) Round elastic 8yards. NP- RM5.80. Selling at RM3.00. SOLD

5) Gold Zack elastic, sz 17mm, 2 meter. NP- RM5.90. Selling at RM10 for 3 pieces. I have 9pieces of this. SOLD

6) Singer Walking foot (low shank) new in box as never been used. NP- RM75. Selling at RM50.SOLD

7) Buttons: sails and trumpets: Selling each at 10cents (I have 10 each).

8) Non-stick teflon presser feet for high shank (industrial machine). NP- RM20. Selling at RM10 SOLD.

OK. I think thats all for the time being. Will upload more if there is thing that I dont want to keep.

Please contact me at NeezaNeedles at Gmail dot Com for inquiry or purchasing.
Oh ya, please add RM4.50 for postage cost. Thanks :)
Spread around ya.. TIA

Love.. love.. love..

Finally, things that I really love to make and enjoy every bits of doing it.. :)

NeezaNeedles Buckle Tai, Mei tai and Onbuhimo..

Some of the lovelies:

And here is the video tute I made on how to wear the Onbuhimo, front and backcarry position.

I've upload them in the FB fanpage previously. And talking bout the FB fanpage, I am more active there rather than here as in answering any of your question regarding the carriers. 'Like' the page if you want to know more about carriers that made by me.. Thanks btw :)

Khamis, 26 Mei 2011

Spareparts schizo pt2

I'm not crazy, after all.. Heheheh.. What I mean is by shopping spare-partSS the other day.

A week of sewing carriers (which by that I have made five carriers), the heavy duty feed dog goes bonkers (heavy duty la sangat kan).. and one whole lot of needles broke/bent.

Both new. One bengkok, thus cannot be used as the feed dog cannot move through.

Jarum patah jangan disimpan dalam peti. Jadi, cucuk di polystyrene.

Ok, thats all. I'm glad I made the decision to keep spares :)

Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

How to install snap prong button using plier kit

I promised to make this tutorial - on how to install the snap prong button using plier right after I received the plier, months ago. Telling the truth, at first I was miserably failed on how to use the plier as the prong seems to skip out once I pressed the plier making the prong go senget and later cannot be used anymore. So, to safe the prongs and to faster done my work, I comfortably using the conventional method - hammering (tutorial here).

But a few days ago, in rushing to settle up an order, I have no choice but to depend on the plier as hammering will make loud noise and will wake Lil Hamza. So, I just trust my guts and tara, I managed to install the snap button without any prong go senget or bengkok.

So, here's the tutorial on how to install the snap prong button using Dritz plier:

Easy, isn't it? That left me with a Q 'whyla dulu rasa susah sangat nak pakai plier ni???'

Isnin, 23 Mei 2011

Random.. very random

I've been talking to a friend about our handmade products and she highlighted about this one issue : stealing other people idea to create and sell.

My own opinion, essential thing like baju, food, in fact home decor tak de istilah curi idea sebab its actually come from our basic need and how we want it to ease our life. Barang handmade pon tak bole dikategorikan istilah mencuri harta intelek sebab its still one creation which he/she made it with his/her effort unless kalo nak go commercialize then this you have to come out with your own branding. I know at the same time, we have to jaga hak orang but sometimes if we have the source and capability to create the same why not we come out with that product and AND AND sell it with an affordable price. In economic terms selling same product in different price can disown that monopoly.

And talking bout monopoly, the basic example is our TV cable - the one and only Astro. They're making lotsa profit ever since and yet did they honor us as their customer? No, I bravely said that. Why, because if you forgotten to pay the monthly bill and they barred your service, you need to pay rm20 to reconnect and even if don't like to subscribe anymore, you wanna terminate and did not return the smartcard: You'll be penalized for rm80. Giler kan!!! I talked about my dissatisfaction to my husband and he said that this is how a monopoly company doing their business. They want to make profit and they view not only they can make profit from potential customers but also towards the existence subscribers. Other word of this is capitalism.

So, I think when one mother wants to make something out from her two hands like red velvet cupcakes, we as the community have to give support instead being a jerk by slamming that one mother is trying to copy other people ideas. This wahm community in Malaysia is small so we need to help each other. And if we want to give a negative feedback, please do it personally rather than saying it openly. Negative feedback hurts but somehow for me as a carrier maker, I need that honest feedback in order to improve my creation.

But then again, even if you wanna do something similar with your 'idol', please make sure you own creation must have your own trademark. Jangan la tiru 100% sampai 'your idol' jadi pening kepala la plak to come out with other ideas to make it different from the one that you've copied at the first place. And that remind me to link to what Kak Millie wrote in her blog regarding copy-cats here.

Ok, readers. Happy Monday :)

Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Spareparts schizo

I wrote previously that due to over-sew thick fabric, the sewing machine needle plate broke, here. And I tweeted recently that the teeth of the sewing machine's dog feed gone missing after a very heavy hard work. Lucky me, not like the previous case, the machine still can be used to sew even the teeth gone missing.

As for the preventive action to avoid the same incident to happen, and besides that I have nothing else to do, I shop the spare parts via eBay (favorite shopping stere.. heheheh) and they've arrived today. Yeay..

I bought 3 sets of needle plate plus feed dog (2 sets of heavy duty and one for normal work), a bobbin case and 100 pieces sewing needles. Ya, one crazy woman I am. Hehehee.. The needles is very significant as in order to sew a carrier, I need basically at least two needles (this is if I am lucky if not, I might need more), either the needles will just simple break, crooked, or they just gone blunt and later will affect the stitches.

Ok, thats all for now. Happy weekend peeps :)

Jumaat, 20 Mei 2011

Ok, bunyi nya sangat la mengada, but that is the new link for the shop (instead of Hahah.. mengadakan..

No, actually I dont really have intention to buy another domain but that email flyer from is so sooo tempting- 50% offer for some of the domain (like dot-biz, dot-info) and I said to myself with the currency so cheap now, ya, why not I just buy the dot biz. And there is it, the was born. As I said earlier, I will be focused on making the Asian-style baby carrier and I am sorry I can't accept any order for baju kurung not anymore. And yes, since that post (balancing the creative brain with the business brain ) I am now firm with my decision. I'm glad I came out that particular post, as till now I still got few emails, asking if I can tailor-made baju kurung / maternity dress, and I no longer hesitate to say NO.

And what do you know, Megan (the same author wrote about the Balancing the creative brain with the business brain) from suddenly came out with this article - On Gratitude and Selling your Soul, which now makes me wonder did she actually read my brain blog.. Hahahah..

I quote what she wrote which I think very true indeed:
What is it in your business that you need to stop doing? What do you need to say NO to in order to focus on the work that you really need to be doing? What is holding you back from doing the real work that gets you hot and makes you money?

I think we all hesitate to say no to things in our business because we are worried about missing something. We’re worried about depriving ourselves – of money, of opportunity, of having people like us. And as a result we fill our businesses and our time with a lot of junk that not only doesn’t move the business forward, it can literally suck the creativity and the life right out of your business. (And you.)

But what if, instead of worrying about what we were missing, we just stopped doing the things that weren’t important. By getting rid of the junk, we open up space in our business to focus on what is right. And that space and that rightness are what allow you to feel gratitude.

Gratitude is an overlooked but essential part of running your own businesses. Every day, you should feel grateful and blessed about the opportunity you have to run your own business and do what you’re passionate about. If you aren’t feeling the gratitude, it’s time to cut the junk from your business so you can.

Ok, berbalik kepada, the hosting is still and I renovated a little bit of the website so that it looks more like a little shop omit the shopping cart. Well, seriously said, susah nya nak 'main' dengan those css coding! Thanks to you Mr Google who help me a lot on how to remove this and that. Go have a look, and lemme know what you think.. :D

And as for this blog, I rename it as Life with NeezaNeedles. Nak kasi tulis style sempoi skit so that 'lebih mesra pembaca'.. che wah.. No la, its just that now my kaki a bit sakit sebab 'berlari sambil pakai tumit tinggi..' Hehehehe..

Ok la, get to get back in that studio. Been procrastinated the whole day today, playing with css and whats not.

Have a nice day, readers :)

Ahad, 15 Mei 2011

Tutorial for the..

I made another tutorial. Not one but two.

Step by step on how to sew table cloth and table runner.

The tutorial is one very simple but Arwah MIL sewing machine's gave me a big headache as it started to make fuss on me.. *Grrr...

However, these tutorial will be uploaded in this blog once it managed to appear in the local magazine. Yup, the editor contacted me and approached if I can contribute my tutorial to their magazine and I quickly said Yes, and managed to send these two to them. If the tutorial managed to be published, I'll shout it here and somehow, if they disapprove to print, I will still be happy post them here.. :)

Happy Sunday everybody..

Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

Presser feet pt2

These are the few feet that I personally think it is essential for me to use while doing some sewing project.

1) Top stitch foot - this foot is bind with a metal plate as a marker, which basically will give an ease for you to stitching the straight lines. This is one of my favorite as I sew lotsa straight lines.

2) Teflon non-stick foot - important for sewing stretchy fabric. Remember this post? Yup, the one reason I bought this foot is I've learnt the lesson of a skipping stitches the hard way.. hehehhe..

3) Adjustable zipper/piping foot - this foot is needful for sewing piping or uneven thickness of fabric. I personally like this foot very much.

4) Bias tape attachment foot - I bought this in order to be used to attach the bias tape on baju kurung but unfortunately never had the chances of using it yet as I prefer to use the conventional method on attaching the tape.

OK, I think that few of my high shank feet which is in my collection. Others are the zipper and conceal zipper feet. And of course the magnificent ruffler attachment, and the biggest foot - the buttonhole attachment. Will talk more on the buttonhole attachment later :D

Ahad, 8 Mei 2011

Introducing: NeezaNeedles Onbuhimo

OK, before that, let me quote what Onbuhimo is:

Onbuhimo from Japan
Onbuhimo Japanese baby carrier
A Japanese onbuhimo baby carrier has a smaller rectangle of fabric with padded ties angled out of the top corners and loops or rings on the bottom corners.
  • The ties go up over the mother’s shoulders,
  • down through the loops (which are under the baby’s legs),
  • each tie goes up over the mother’s breasts and through the opposite shoulder strap,
  • then they are tied in the middle over the upper chest.

This would be another Asian style baby carrier that will be coming out from my studio - The NeezaNeedles Onbuhimo.

*Shoulder padded strap length 1.5metre / 60inc
*Body panel 15inc wide, 19inc long up to waist
*Reversible without hood
*Ring used was small nylon rings from

Local Fabric - RM120
Designer imported Fabric - RM140
Body panel fabric included - RM100

Email me if you interested to make a custom :)


Btw, Happy Sunday and Happy Mothers Day ... Cheers :D

Sabtu, 7 Mei 2011

The presser feet

Some of you have asked me regarding the sewing machine foot, and whats the different between the feet for industrial machine and the normal domestic sewing machine. I got this chart showing the different.

So basically the normal domestic sewing machine (and even the black pedal sewing machine) using the low shank feet while most of the industrial machine will using the high shank feet. However, nowadays, the new domestic sewing machine normally use the snap-on feet which is more easier to use. And the most interesting part is there is also a snap-on adapter for high shank sewing machine so that the same snap-on type foot can be used on both machine. Cool huh?

I did plan to buy the high shank foot adapter but then, I discovered about the adapter a little bit late as my high shank feet nearly completed.

The high shank foot adapter for snap-on:

My collection of high shank feet:


I'll make another entry on the type of feet that is in my collection.. :D

Jumaat, 6 Mei 2011

Balancing the creative brain with the business brain

I've been reading this article from Crafting an MBA by Megan Auman over and over again. OMG, I love what she's wrote and later decided to take the big step following her advise.

The creative part of your brain is the part that keeps you up at night dreaming of new ideas. But the business brain is what you need to edit and figure out which of those new ideas will make it to market.

Not every thing you make needs to be for sale.

Oohhh, I actually wanted to quote the whole article but the above sentences concluded all.

I like sewing, I can up the whole night, not eating but just creating stuff that I like in my little studio. I like making dress for my little Zahra, making curtain for my kitchen, my own tops, hijabs and any other things as a hobby. This is hobby and I decided that this hobby (making stuff for my family and me) will stays as a hobby.

What will I focused on? I'll focus on making the Asian style baby carrier: Mei tai, Buckle tai and Onbuhimo. Yup, I found my gem, things that I like to create and sew, the thing that I'm indeed enjoy and very happy making it.

I am sorry I will be no longer able to accept order for tops and such.

Balancing your business brain with your creative brain means taking a good look at which products make sense to sell, and which products don’t. It means coming up with an overall brand identity and choosing products that fit into that identity.

But worry not, this blog will still be up telling people what I did and if time permit, you'll be lucky to find a simple tutorial I make for you or if you're luckier enough maybe bump into an easy-to-win blog giveaway :D


Khamis, 5 Mei 2011

How to wear NeezaNeedles Buckle Tai

We went back to Ipoh on Labour day break and I took the oppurtunity to shot a video on how to wear the buckle tai. The view is pretty but the sound of the fish pond waterfall from my parent garden quite disturbing. However, enjoy the vid guys :)

Front carry:

Back carry:

ps: Little Hamza was very static because he hated the grass. Otherwise, he will be running like he own the ground.

Rabu, 4 Mei 2011

The ruffler attachment

I discovered recently that we can now transfer money from the local bank (MBB, CIMB etc) to the paypal account even without having the credit card. I was so happy with the new service provided by them and start to topping up my paypal acc to shop online.. gagagaga..

And among the damages that I've done was buying the ruffler attachment for my industrial machine. I've been eying for this foot long enough and been searching high and low at most local sewing store however failed to find it. They (the local sewing store) kept on showing me the gathering foot which I've already had, and others like LSN and Epal showed me the ruffler for low shank (which obviously will not fit the industrial sewing machine). Lucky me, later this one lad from Australia put this ruffler for bidding and yeap, I won the bid (with the fact that I am the one who bid) and managed to get it for RM120 (include shipping). Yup, the foot is quite expensive, pheww..

Ok, this is how the foot look alike:

Kinda scary isn't it?

And I made simple video tutorial on how to install the foot and how it works:

I am so happy with this ruffler attachment, and I made this dress for Zahra, which done within 3hours.



Zahra happily wearing the 'princess dress':

And besides this ruffler attachment, I also bought this foot for my industrial sewing machine.
What is it? This, you have to wait.. hehehehe :D