Khamis, 25 Mac 2010

Update.. update..

I've reached 30 weeks by this week. So, now I have more or less than 10 weeks, before he pop-out. Teruja.. teruja.. Obviously, berat adalah sangat berat and the stomach is sooo besar. Mat even said to me, 'Saiz perut awak ni sama macam hari awak nak bersalinkan Zahra', when I told him that I've just entered the third trimester. Sekarang pon dah start rasa tak selesa and I hope he stay longer in there sebab Umi nak siapkan dulu apa yang patut (tempahan menjahit itu..) hahaha.. And, yeah, the 'milk factory' have already start producing as I can spot the colostrum coming out (bit by bit) when having my shower. Looking forward to have smooth sails breastfeeding journey with this baby just like what I'd experienced with Zahra.

OK, what we did last weekend? Nothing much, just like the rest of the Putrajayan, we went to see the Balloon. Last year tak pergi, so, its kinda new experienced for us, for Zahra certainly. Suka dia tengok balloon, but bila tanya nak naik tak? Cepat-cepat cakap, 'tak nak.. takut'. Heheh.. Petang Jumaat pergi (while going to the pasar malam) and malam Sabtu pon pergi jugak sebab nak tengok the Fireworks. The traffics was disaster, luckily weol naik motor jer. Heheh..

On the other story, mybbstore and littlewhiz tengah sale sekarang ni. And, yes.. I heart online shopping very much. So, for the past few weeks, I've been received parcels mostly everyweeks. Ternyata barang beli sendiri la, tak de sapa nak kasik hadiah pon but, still seronok (teruja yang melampau..) hahah. And, just very recent, I received parcels from mybbstore - bought some sleeping bra(s) and bottles. Yeah, botol adalah satu barang baby yang ada tarikan tersendiri nyer. I just love buying them, tak pernah rasa cukup dengan apa yang ada- sebab tamak kot. Heheh.. This time around I bought glass bottles.
At first dah tengok this type of bottles kat Mothercare BSC hari tu, tapi tak beli sebab was sort of like contemplating.. nak ke tak nak. Then when browsing around the online store trus rasa nak beli la, sebab I remembered, EBM ni berminyak-minyak tau.. kalo pakai plastic bottle jenuh la nak sental menyental. Cleaning and washing baby bottles at that time adalah sangat menyampahnyer. Dah la everyday hantar like 4-5 bottles ebm to the taska. Hohoh.. I hate the cleaning job at that time. So, this time around harap OK, dengan penggunaan glass bottles.

And the sleeping/nursing bra,
I senses that it is quite essential for me to wear bra 24-7 because.. huhuh, the bo*bs so big and I'm afraid if I just let it hanging freely, it will sag sooner.. Hahaha.. What an imagination, but this is scary la, peeps. Imagine having a breast that the nipples are able to touch your own belly button.. whoa! So, no more braless at home. Previously, I've bought the expensive Mothercare sleepbra (rm114 for 2psc) and found out that its very comfortable. But this sleepbra(s) are so cheap (rm23 each) I doubt will it works wonder like the Mothercare's? Tak pe, if tak best nnt buat review.

And about the Zahra new bed, I've been received a lot of question regarding it. Well, the bed was bought at Home Living in Shah Alam, which they have an offer price at that time- selling price was rm888, while the real price was rm1800(more or less) if I not mistaken. Yeap, it did came with the tilam(s) as well. And the katil is so best, I tell you, and I recommended for you to buy it (of course during sale la..)

Ok, I think thats all for the time being. I'll write again when rajin. heheheh..

Industrial Sewing Machine

Also known as the artisan.

OK, I’ve been using the machine for nearly a month now, and I believe that the time is sufficient enough for me to make a little review on the machine.

So, this is my machine:

Not Singer nor Brother, not even Juki but Jack (you jump, I jump.. hahaha). Why I settled with Jack (even I was eyeing for Singer 20U), is because:
I don’t know which high speed s/m is good. Thus, when I went to the shop (in Kajang), asking for the shopkeeper opinion, she said that mostly high speed machine basically has the same function: powerful speed compared to domestic sewing machine and was made in China [just like the black pedaled sewing machine that comes with cabinet which have various type of brands but same function].

A few brands was suggested by her: Siruba if you wanna the cheapest high speed s/m; Juki, was made in Japan; Singer and Brother for higher second hand value (that’s explained why their current price is quite high) and Jack, intermediate price but the most noiseless high speed machine. I was amazed that the motor doesn’t seem to have this annoying humming sound like my MIL’s high speed Singer. So, I opted for Jack because the machine is truly senyap. Besides that, the speed of the machine even though the max it can go is up to 5000 stitches per min, but can be adjusted to as low as 2000 stitches per minutes, so it'll become not that fast.

I bought this machine with the price of 1.4k, and it comes with basic tools (various size of screwdrivers, fius(? Donno what this is),
three bobbins and 10 set of extra needles and the generous seller gave me (by request eventually) another 10 set of extra needles (good brand, according to her), a zipper foot and a concealed zipper foot.
And seem the seller is very kind, I bought another 10 extra bobbins, a rolled hem foot and a ruffle foot. There's more extra feet for artisan which you can refer to Niah's blog (i think she have all kind of feet).

OK, back to the machine: I was tempted to own a high speed s/m:
1. I am in need to have a speed sewing machine. The Singer 7444 is ok, not that slow essentially but not for heavy duty usage either. Well, you know that I bought the machine not from here, so I’m afraid that if anything happen to the 7444, then I’ll be doom (touch wood.. touch wood).
2. I’ve been using my MIL sewing machine and am so in love with its wide working space. To sew a baju kurung (the things that makes me occupy in my studio, lately) needs really a wide working space, especially when sewing the kain.

3. A freak hobby that needs no explanation (I was once obsessed with breastfeeding and kept on trying buying the best brand of breastpumps offered in the market: ye, Giler!)

Ok peeps, that’s all. Oh, you might wonder what happen to my 7444?
Well, she still served me perfectly, especially when I need to sew buttons, buttonholes, blind-hems, and other decorative stitches. Nope, she’s not for sale, obviously.


Rabu, 24 Mac 2010

The baju kurung(s)

These are what I sewed for the last two weeks. I was about to up these in the blog but was waiting for the mannequin to return home as 'she' went to my friend house who wanted to snap some pictures on few baju that she's selling online. But since she said that she'll be returning the mannequin by this weekends, I guess I just snap the baju kurung(s) pictures without the mannequin as I wanted to handover the them to the owner soon.

To the owner: Thank you for your support, and I am glad you like it :-)

The seamstress note:
I'll be putting anything that I've sewed for my customer(s) in this blog as my personal portfolio. I guess you'll see lots of baju kurungs coming up in the next post.

Selasa, 23 Mac 2010

And the lucky one is..

OK, the moment that everybody (I mean the participants) are waiting for:

The result of 100th entry special giveaway:

I have 38 participants, that is:

1. Lynn Nasir
2. Nomaliza
3. ajnie's
4. Sweetlilcraft
5. Cik Puan Gaban
6. misa
7. Aisyah
8. mis
9. Azaidris
10. imanmom
11. shafri
12. dizcomel
13. syazwi-aljabri
14. mommy icha
15. ainiayu
16. Zura
17. Em's Family
18. azee
19. Ira
20. ::Mamalyna::
21. Asya
22. aZuRa AhMaD
23. ummie_mirahaziq
24. zai kulim
25. rosilah
26. lia
27. anin
28. nia
29. syakila
30. Nana
31. izan cute
33. ogy
34. izzati ismail
35. i.euphoria
36. zu_e9
37. Nurul + Nordin
38. taufidris

And let’s see who the lucky one is:
The bullets

Put it in the box:

Shake.. shake.. pudding:

And the winner of the Olfa 28mm Ratory cutter goes to NUMBER:

Congratulation to the winner and Thank you all for participated in this giftaway. I’ll contact the winner sooner for your address. For the rest who does not win, well, best luck next time (yup, I’ll be conducting such giveaway sooner (just watch my blog, ok)).

Have a nice day and I love you, people :-)

Jumaat, 19 Mac 2010

The 100th post with a special gift

This is my 100th post. Nothing special, but I would love to give something to you (the lucky ones).

It's something from my studio which I've used once (only once) but then settled with something similar but a little bit bigger, that is the OLFA Rotary Cutter sized 28mm.

If you like to own this, simply say HI on the comments box together with your email by 22nd March. The lucky one will be picked by random and the result will be announced on the 23rd.

Oh, btw, this open to anybody but residing in Malaysia only.

OK. Happy weekend and have a nice day ahead :-)

I Gotta Feeling

I was so amazed when watching this in Oprah last night. How did they do that. Such a sporting crowd, all I can say.

Enjoy the vc:
Hahah.. malas nak tgu vidoe uploading. Tgk kat You-Tube jela yer..

p/s: Chicago, Illinois tu.. heheheh

p/s: I've decided to unlock the comments. Fell free to drop a line :-)

Babywearing: the fever returns..

Hohoh.. kind of.. ekekeke. Well one thing that excite me on having a new baby is to start everything all over again: breastfeeding, babywearing, sleepless night, yada.. yada..

So, these are some of the new gear that I've got for baby and some that I plan to sew(?!).. huhuh.. :

1. Ergo Heart2heart infant insert

- I was about to order this from one of our local online store, but someone in the FB pointed out that the Cloth Diaper and Babywearing store owned by TinyTapir, located in Bangsar Village is selling them. Thus, I went there just to get this gear. And to my surprise, the insert was lot cheaper than the one selling in other online store and I am glad to drop to TinyTapir to buy it (beza rm50 tu..). And when i was at the shop, I did browse tru few other babywearing gears and was amazed on our local JUMPSAC Baby carrier (- the ringslings). Their presentation was so good if I am not familiar with babywearing gears/brands, I might assume that this brand is not from the local. 'Kudos Syaz! Standard oversea tu...'

2. Medley Satin Wrap

I bought this wrap from Adriana. I've already owned a MobyWrap, and an Ellaroo, but I sold off the Ellaroo because I felt that the fabric texture is a bit harsh (like the Sarawak's kain pua) and thick, which is in my own opinion not suitable for baby delicate skin and the hot Malaysia weather. As for this wrap, I don't know why I chose Medley but I felt the texture previously during the babywearing gathering and was somehow kinda in love to own it.. hahah.. weird huh?

3. Mei tai

Ive planned to sew them. Hahah.. Already bought the ringslings from Jezz. Mei Tai with a ringslings? Yup, that's what I planned to sew. Known as the Onbuhimu. Well, well see the outcome ya.

Khamis, 18 Mac 2010

Looking forward to go abroad

Cheh.. tajuk..


I went for an interview last Monday. Something work-related that I wanted to put my carrier a step ahead: obviously, seeing myself getting promoted to much higher level is not in my list (at least for the time being) as I am a bit reluctant to hold the responsibility (I foresee myself as a mother rather than a full-time microbiologist).

Well, nothing much that I wanna say about the whole interview process but I discovered that I have an interview habits that I think other people will get annoyed with me. Heheheh.. that is I don't talk to other candidates. Called me snobbish, or arrogant but I simply can't talk to you people. Its not the time for us to get to know each other as I wanted to focus on me, myself.

What I normally do during my interview:
1. Bought a newspaper- The Star- basically, and will read it sentence by sentence. Not that I want to equip myself with the current situation but more on to sharpen my English (in case, the interview will be conducted in our second national language). Thus, I need my own concentration rather than sembang-sembang kosong with other candidates.
2. Having myself aware with what I am going to talk during the interview by preparing my own mock questions: which later I found this very handy as I know what I am going to talk (or goreng) and will not going out of the topic (merepek-repek tak tentu hala).
3. Straight going back home after my interview session as I need to slow down my adrenaline pumping and I don't see any point for me to having staying there and sharing my experience with other people as everyone will go tru different experience, I guess (hahah.. kiasu).

Apa pon, I am hoping for the best, but with this kinda economy fluctuation I don't think the government is afford to send me away to pursue my degree. Well, we'll see then.

Semua pon untuk 'kakak'

OK, besides a new bed, we bought a new car seat for Zahra. Actually, we’re contemplating in either buying another car seat or a bolster sit, however ended up with the new car seat, instead. For me, the sitted shells of a bolster sit is not supportive enough, in the sense of its curving: kesian kalo tertido akan terangguk-angguk gelong-gelong gitu. I need to buy something yang ergonomic sebab kampong dah la jauh, kalo tak selesa, sakit badan la pulak nanti.. then very kesian.

So, the old one bole la diwariskan untuk adik. Hehehe.

Btw, thanks to shilashower for highlighting about the ‘biggest’ Mothercare in Malaysia that having a sale right now in her blog. I was on leave yesterday just for the purposed of going to BSC Mothercare to buy the carseat. And after spending like an hour in BSC (I don’t fancy this shopping mall: not my type of mall but we did dropby to the Apple shop and now I am so attracted to own the 3gS.. haiyah..), we off to Bangsar Village to get something for the baby: finally. But before that, since I was tired to dukung Zahra, we dropped in the Toy’r’Us and she got a new buggy stroller. This is indeed a life saver. I couldn’t imagine seeing myself wearing her with this extended stomach, and she seems very happy sitting in the new-umbrella-folded-stroller.

The new and old car-seats, and the pink buggy stroller (which later we went to the Baskin Robbin and get a scoop free because wearing something pink.. ngee) :-) :

The new katil

We bought new katil for Zahra as the king size bed no longer fit the three of us plus there’ll be new additional bed member on June.

At first I wanted to buy girlie bed for her, but then thinking that she’ll be outgrown the bed (and the bed not cheap you know),
so we just settled with the 5 in 1 pull out bed (which is so convenient and, practical with reasonable offer price).

We put the new bed beside our king size bed, thus it makes our bed spacious. Zahra normally sleep between the both of us, but now with her new bed, she doesn’t wanna sleep with us anymore. She wants to sleep on her own bed. Hua.. aku pulak yang sedih (sort of la) sebab losing my ‘bantal masam’. Heheh..

And btw, ada jugak kawan yang comments why don’t I put Zahra on the other room or simply shift the bed a side? Well, I am a big fan of AP however, pada aku, Zahra is still small to sleep on her own. Even though she’s no longer waking up at night for drink but I still couldn’t bear seeing her sleeping alone even she seems able to do that. Lagi pon masa di bilik tido la masa dia bersama kami after a long 8 hours at the taska.

My 'bantal masam' with her new bed:

Selasa, 16 Mac 2010

Tensed with thread tension

I was awake sewing last night later to pause as I've accidentally break the needle. So, I changed the needle right then, however I found out the the thread orientation was out of order.

The upper thread looks OK, but the lower thread was disaster (berbulu-bulu!!!).

The manual doesn't state clearly on how to adjust the thread tension but I figure out on how to adjust them from one of the books that I owned. So, I am glad to share this with you.

To adjust the upper thread tension:

To adjust the lower thread tension:

The outcome:

OK. I hope thread tension does not going to put you in tense.
*This applicable to all sewing machine that use bobbin cap (not for the new drop-in bobbin's sewing machine).

Selamat mencuba.

Isnin, 15 Mac 2010

How to sew baju kurung's neck

Bagaimana menjahit baju kurung.

Well, basically sewing a baju kurung is very easy. Furthermore, there's a lot of tutorial on how to sew it. So, honestly said, I'm not going to explain the whole process on how to sew (its hard to sew and at the same time to snap pictures and such) BUT I am going to focus on how to sew the neck (as I think this is the most crucial part on making baju kurung).

My style might be different from yours, so if your style is much more easier (to sew), do share it here by leaving some comment. :-) Thank you.

OK, I think that's all. If time permit (insya Allah), I'll make a complete tutorial on how to sew baju kurung. Sorry for the imperfect partial tutorial.